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CFO Simplifies Financial Reporting by Replacing Management Reporter with Jet Reports

Royal Oak Retirement Community has used Jet Reports to transform the way staff access data, communicate results, and perform their duties

Management Reporter Replacement Dynamics GP Case Study


After 10 years using Microsoft Dynamics GP, financial reporting with Management Reporter was becoming too complicated and time-consuming for the employees of Royal Oak Retirement Community. With close to 10 data sources, the company struggled with accessing all available data as well as providing the most accurate information from Dynamics GP. According to CFO Carter Smitherman, creating a single report required countless steps, and the reports were often riddled with errors. Further, these steps had to be repeated for every single department. After discussing his frustrations at an InterDyn BMI training session, Carter received a recommendation to try Jet Reports, a reporting solution built directly inside Excel.


When Carter discovered how easy it was to create financial statements, he knew immediately that Jet Reports would be the right fit for the company. Now, all departmental heads within the organization, from food services, health services, and environmental services to facilities, IT, and HR are all using Jet Reports to create the reports they need and to access real-time details of their accounts. This flexible, self-service reporting model has helped make Royal Oaks more responsive and has increased productivity tenfold. In addition to financial reporting, Royal Oaks runs custom reports on non-financial data to double check other company processes. This has increased operational visibility and resulted in strategic planning and process efficiencies for the entire retirement community.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with the product and am already exploring all the possibilities of what else Jet Reports can do for us.”

“To me, this is the way a Microsoft product should always work, especially if you’re using Microsoft Dynamics and Excel together.”

Carter Smitherman CFO

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