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Owner of Hotel Management Group Uses Jet Reports to Improve Reporting Efficiency by 70%

Rossmore Management Group leverages Excel to simplify report creation, streamline workflows, and increase operational visibility.

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“After our year-end meeting, I was able to put a report together in 5 minutes and have it distributed to each of our General Managers using Jet Hub. To generate this report, it used to take days – now it only takes 10 minutes.”

Raj Patel Owner
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Rapid Time to Value

As an out-of-the-box solution, Raj was able to get Jet Reports up and running in 3 hours on his own

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Easy Self-Service Reporting

Employees are now able to access the data they need and run reports whenever they want

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Improved Visibility and Sharing

Using Jet Hub, data is shared quickly and easily throughout the company for efficient decision making


Rossmore Management Group is a hotel management and development company on a mission to enrich every guest’s experience through high quality, effective end-to-end management operations. Managing several aspects of hotel renovations in tandem with hotel management services had created a unique reporting demand for the owner, Raj Patel. Although he could create reports in Excel, it could never produce the information he needed and was forced to send all reporting requests to his support team. The tipping point came when the company started doing business overseas, and the support team spent weeks trying to build an operational report in Management Reporter, that could not be delivered in the format Raj required. Raj realized that their current processes and reporting limitations wouldn’t allow them to scale efficiently and decided to download Jet Reports.


Raj discovered that Jet Reports was an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box reporting solution that leverages Excel – a tool he was very familiar with. With Jet Reports, Raj is fully self-sufficient, creating the reports he needs when he needs them, and can easily share information with investors, General Managers and employees. Users within the Rossmore Management Group are now able to access and run the same reports whenever they want, without having to wait on someone else like Raj or external support teams to create the reports for them.

“Using Jet Reports saves me 70% of my time because once the report is done, I no longer have to run each report on my end, print to PDF, and then email them out. Now my people can run the reports whenever they want and pull the data. They don’t need to wait on me or anyone else. It’s become an easier workflow because you’re not waiting on someone to get the data to you, you can pull it whenever you want.”

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