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Systems and Reporting Manager Saves Weeks on Budgeting with Flexible Excel-Based Reporting

Amnesty International uses Jet Global solutions to standardize and simplify complex reporting requirements.

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“By using the features in Jet Reports, budgeting templates which used to take two weeks to create now take a few hours.”

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Self-service reporting

With a familiar Excel-based user interface, employees can create reports on their own

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Valuable time savings

Quick and simple report creation has led to huge productivity and efficiency improvements

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Standardized reporting processes

Consistent reporting has resulted in better decision making and improved visibility overall


Spending excessive time on year-end budgeting was keeping employees at global human rights organization, Amnesty International, from focusing on their true goal of fighting injustice. Due to the lack of flexibility in their outdated reporting system, yearly budgeting was taking weeks of employee productivity. After evaluating the company’s complex business processes, their software solutions partner recommended moving to Jet Reports for its ease of use and Excel-based interface.


After implementing Jet Global solutions, Systems and Reporting Manager, Darren Rifat, was able to get his team up and running quickly, building standardized reports with Excel-formatting that delivered immediate value to the organization. By using the features in Jet Reports, they have streamlined resource-intensive reporting processes, like budgeting templates, saving weeks in their financial reporting every month.

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Company: Amnesty International Country: United Kingdom & Ireland Job Title: Systems & Reporting Manager Role: Information Technology
Industry: Non-Profit Microsoft Partner: M-Hance ERP System: Dynamics GP