Compare Management Reporter & Jet

Watch Belinda Allen, renowned Dynamics GP MVP, compare the steps and time it takes to build a common report in Management Reporter and show you what it takes to build that same report in Jet Reports.

In this side by side comparison series, you will learn how Jet Reports leverages all your experience with Management Reporter, FRx and Excel to help you quickly and easily build fast, accurate reports from ALL of your Dynamics GP data.

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Watch a 1m 50s Overview of Jet​

Watch a 1m 50s Overview of Jet​

Jet delivers powerful Dynamics GP reporting, directly inside Excel:

  • Leverage the extensive analytical capabilities of everyone’s favorite spreadsheet tool to build real-time reports, in the format you want, from all your Dynamics GP Data
  • Stop wasting endless hours reconciling accounts that should be in your MR reports, or manually copy, pasting and exporting to Excel
  • Ease consolidations by merging reports and data from multiple companies in a flash
  • Appreciate the simplicity of a product built to work specifically with Dynamics GP
  • Succeed faster with an extensive GP report library, ready to use out-of-the- box
  • Experience our best in industry 98% customer satisfaction rate
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency of data with a complete collaboration and publishing platform on the web
  • Avoid the downtime that comes from sourcing and implementing a different solution, by choosing the official Microsoft replacement
  • Enjoy the rapid time to value and low total cost of ownership that comes from a quick to implement, easy to use and competitively priced solution.
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Get Started in Minutes with up to 60+ Pre-Built GP Reports

  • Company Financial Performance Overview
  • Item Profitability by Customer
  • AR Aging
  • Complete Financial Statements Package
  • And much, much more
Feature Box 1 Mr Reporter

Choose True Business Intelligence

Upgrade to full business intelligence now with our data warehouse and OLAP cubes build for Dynamics GP, or add it later without service disruption:

  • Gain seamless multi-database consolidation and reporting
  • Get answers instantly with the ability to build visually stunning dashboards in minutes, inside Excel or Power BI, without technical knowledge
  • Experience the ease of reporting and finding data with pre-built cubes
  • Enjoy web portal access to the dashboards and reports you need no matter where you are
  • Gain confidence with advanced security features and a governed set of data for the company
  • And more!
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Jet is the Dynamics GP Reporting and Analytics Solution that People Love to Use!

Compare Management Reporter to Jet Global Products

Feature for feature, see what functionality you gain by making the move, and calm your fears about losing the features that you love. Your experience with Management Reporter, FRx and Excel mean you’re ready to start using Jet Reports already – it’s that easy! See how much more you’ll gain.

Management Reporter

Jet Basics

GL Financial Reporting
Company Consolidations
Query on any GP Data
Excel Integration/Formatting
Add New Accounts Automatically

Management Reporter

Jet Reports

Schedule and Automate
Mobile and Web Reports
Management/Version Control
Operational Reports from all Data

Management Reporter

Jet Analytics

Multi Data Source Consolidation
Dashboards and KPIs
Power BI Integration
Data Warehouse and OLAP Cubes
Advanced Security

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Get started with a vibrant new solution that works the way want it to.  ​

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Your investment in Jet for reporting and analytics is more than a short term solution, we are a part of the Microsoft Dynamics roadmap, and will have a solution for your move to Dynamics 365.

Yes! Jet works with Microsoft Dynamics GP 9 (release November 2005) and later. So chances are we we have the reporting answer for you, whether you are on a newer or older version of GP.

Yes, but not only is it fast and easy, you’ll want to! By migrating your reports to Jet, you will end the cycle of constantly having the expense and time of updating your reports later with new versions of GP or MR. Build once with Jet, and you’re done for life. Plus, reports will finally be in the format you want. We have packages available that include report writing hours from your partner to get you started making the move right away.

Just hours. Jet Basics and Jet Reports can be download from our website, installed, and ready to use immediately. Get started with pre-built reports, online tutorials, and a complete knowledgebase help center right away. With Jet Analytics, pre-built cubes and a data warehouse for Dynamics GP can be set-up and installed in 2-4 hours. From there, organizations may require or request customizations and/or training services that will help your Jet Reports solution work even better for you and your company.

With Jet Global, you don’t run both the short term and long term risks of investing in a reporting and analytics solution that isn’t built for the current and future Microsoft technology stack. This guarantees that you’ll never pay the cost to constantly redo your reporting, or get stuck and left behind with updates and changes to Dynamics, GP, SQL, Azure, or Office. Another added benefit of choosing the solution endorsed by Microsoft for the current and future answer to Dynamics GP reporting? It’s faster and easier because it’s built for GP users!

Training is available for report and dashboard Designers, as well as database administrators who manage the data warehouse and cubes with Jet Analytics. You can select the format most convenient for your organization: online, in a classroom, or at your location. The best part? Report users (Viewers), who can refresh, view, and change filters, on reports, don’t need any training at all! It’s that easy.

No. We don’t like limits. All Jet Global solutions come with an unlimited number of users to view and run an unlimited number of reports. Jet is licensed primarily by Designers/report writers, and the number of data sources you want to connect to, all of which can also be made unlimited if you need.

No! That is the best part. Jet Global software is built for the user, so you don’t need technical knowledge or expertise to build the reports you need. Eliminate the burden and bottleneck on IT, and get the data you need, when you need it.