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Thomas Wellness Group

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  • TWG was looking to pave the way for digital transformation
  • Triangle facilitated the automation of internal processes with Jet Reports
  • Jet Reports increased productivity throughout TWG

Thomas Wellness Group (TWG) specializes in the design, manufacture, and implementation of projects in the fitness and wellness sector, creating fitness centers, spas, home gyms, and other wellness facilities for both commercial and individual clients.

Thomas Wellness Group strives to be the first choice for those who are thinking of designing and equipping a wellness space. They aim to be a reflection of the people who work in their company: a young, dynamic and innovative team where the desire to grow and attention to detail are manifest every day. Innovation, design, and technology are hallmarks of TWG’s approach.

Based in Madrid, Thomas Wellness has been in business since 1994 and has over 50 employees.

The Challenge

After relocating and consolidating operations to a single location in 2016, Thomas Wellness Group sought to improve its internal processes and pave the way for digital transformation initiatives that the company knew would be critical to its ongoing success in the 2020s and beyond. 

The company was faced with growing complexity and struggled with manual processes that consumed valuable staff time and detracted from the core activities that generated value for the company and its clients. Company leadership clearly understood that the right technology systems were a pivotal element in becoming more efficient and scaling the company up. 

After facing considerable difficulties with two previous ERP systems, leaders at the company were especially attentive to the need for a thorough process in evaluating and selecting the software that would help run the business efficiently. The company reached out to Triangle, a trusted technology advisor who worked with the company to explore options for a new ERP system. After a thorough vetting process, the company selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

The Plan

As TWG planned the rollout of its new ERP solution, the company realized it had an opportunity to elevate its automation and digital transformation to a new level by implementing a purpose-built reporting and analytics platform that could serve all of its analytics needs as it grew. A new ERP system meant a fresh opportunity to deploy a reporting system that could truly meet its needs, providing immediate access to information, eliminating manual effort, and providing a single source of truth for everyone in the organization.

TWG also wanted to automate and streamline some of its customer-facing communications. Specifically, the company wanted a process for sending delivery notes to customers that would not require any manual intervention. TWG was looking for a product that could offer these process automation capabilities, which would save time, increase accuracy, and improve customer satisfaction.

TWG turned again to Triangle for its expertise in technology solutions. Because Triangle’s goal was to empower TWG users to manage inventory, supply chain, and finance with the use of Microsoft Business Central cloud technology, it took the time to understand in detail what TWG’s reporting needs were and what functionalities could most benefit TWG’s productivity. Triangle had previous experience working with purpose-built reporting tools and had met with great success deploying Jet Reports for its other clients, so when finance leaders at TWG expressed an interest in having a top-tier reporting platform, Triangle recommended the product to them.

Making It Happen

Triangle’s goal is to create long-term relationships with its customers, to help them get the most out of the implemented tool. Its Jet Reports training plans are designed to transfer the maximum knowledge of the product to the user. Triangle helped the team at TWG to configure Jet Reports to automate some of the internal processes at the company, as well as to design custom-tailored reports that could meet all of the company’s needs. The team quickly got up and running with automated customer delivery notes.

Shortly thereafter, the company applied the same techniques to the daily operational reports it shared with suppliers. TWG wanted to keep its vendors informed about out-of-stock items, quantities required, and product codes. TWG used the Jet Reports Scheduler to generate those reports and immediately make them available securely to vendors.

Because the company was starting fresh with a new ERP system, it had no legacy reporting systems in place. This provided the company with an opportunity to create a new vision for its reporting and analytics, starting from scratch. Triangle worked with TWG to develop a library of reports for internal users, top management, and external stakeholders.

All three audiences were delighted with the results. Internal users gained immediate access to sales backlog reports and inventory status. Executive managers had accurate, up-to-the minute budget vs. actual reports that kept them informed of the company’s financial standing. Sales leaders had access to order reports to keep them informed about the state of the company’s future revenues.

Users have been especially happy about how easy it is to learn and use Jet Reports. They’re now able to:

  • Report on live Dynamics data from within Microsoft Excel.
  • Drill down to transaction level data from any report.
  • Publish reports to the web quickly, easily, and securely.

Users can also tailor reports to their specific needs very easily, and without specialized training. TWG’s users in finance, sales, and operations are no longer dependent on the busy IT staff to develop or modify reports; if they need something new, they can make the change immediately, without expert help.

The Results

Jet Reports has led to increased productivity throughout the company, but especially in finance, operations, sales, and purchasing. The company has eliminated vast amounts of manual effort, doing away with many of the email and phone communications with customers and vendors that had bogged it down in the past.

The finance team at TWG estimates it has saved at least 3,500 Euros per year by using Jet Reports, just based on their ability to automate reports using Jet Reports and the Jet Scheduler. In the operations department alone, they estimate that they are saving about 15 hours per month.

The finance team has been able to shrink their reporting cycles and eliminate manual effort as well. They no longer have to dump data from the ERP and manipulate the data in Excel. Today, they can simply build refreshable reports using easy-to-configure, pre-built templates.

Laura Martinez, ERP Project Manager at Thomas Wellness Group describes how the company has benefited from using Jet Reports: “Normally when we think about a purpose-built reporting tool, we don’t necessarily think about automation. But here at Thomas Wellness, we very much see Jet Reports as a vehicle for automation and digital transformation. It has changed the way we do business, and today, most of our team cannot imagine going back to the old ways of doing things. Jet Reports helps us to perform at the top of our game.”

To find out more about what Jet Reports can do, schedule a demo with insightsoftware today.

Jet Reports has changed the way we do business, and today, most of our team cannot imagine going back to the old ways of doing things. Jet Reports helps us to perform at the top of our game.

Laura Martinez ERP Project Manager

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