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Overcome Labor Shortages With Streamlined Disclosure Reporting

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Today’s finance teams are under more pressure than ever before. Finance is responsible not only for comprehensive financial and operational reporting, but also for accurate data analytics and precise accounting. Unfortunately, a shortage of qualified talent means that finance teams are struggling to fulfill this role in a timely manner. More than 40% of finance leaders report that skills shortages are a major challenge to their productivity and efficiency.

This shortage exacerbates the challenges faced in disclosure management, where accuracy, compliance, and timeliness are paramount. Disclosure reporting is complex – and becoming more so all the time – and leaves no room for inaccuracies. Without sufficient expertise and resources, finance teams may struggle to prepare and manage the disclosures required for regulatory filings, investor communications, and other reporting obligations.

How Limited Expertise and Manual Processes Hinder Your Disclosure Management

As finance teams struggle with skills shortages, they’re left facing a lack of the expertise needed for effective disclosure management. Disclosure management requires a unique blend of skills, including strong analytical abilities to decipher complex regulations and excellent communication skills to translate them into clear, concise disclosures that are understandable for a wide range of stakeholders. Without skilled professionals who understand regulatory requirements and accounting standards, and who can craft clear, concise reports, organizations may struggle to produce accurate and compliant disclosures.

Increased workload, limited resources: Disclosure regulations are becoming more intricate, demanding deeper analysis and expertise to interpret and apply them accurately. However, a lack of qualified personnel means there are fewer hands on deck to handle this growing workload.

Risk of errors and delays: With limited personnel and potentially stretched expertise, the risk of errors or missed details in disclosures rises. This can lead to non-compliance with regulations, potentially resulting in fines or penalties. Furthermore, delays in filing disclosures can erode investor confidence and damage the company’s reputation.

Slow manual processes: A heavy reliance on manual processes for disclosure management increases the risk of errors, inconsistencies, and delays. Because existing enterprise resource planning (ERP), corporate performance management (CPM), and general ledger (GL) systems aren’t designed with disclosure reporting in mind, many finance teams spend several days each month slogging through manual processes to piece together the information they need into a single document or collection of documents. Manual processes are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to human error, making it difficult for finance teams to meet tight reporting deadlines and maintain data accuracy.

Without tools and strategies to streamline processes and lighten the load, finance teams may be forced to allocate resources inefficiently, diverting valuable time and effort away from strategic activities to manage routine disclosure tasks manually. This can hinder productivity, limit innovation, and impede the organization’s ability to adapt to changing regulatory requirements and business demands.

Building Confidence into Your Narrative Reporting and Disclosure Management

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The Right Tools Make All the Difference

With the right disclosure reporting tools, you can improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in your disclosure processes, enabling your finance team to overcome skills shortages and manual processes, and produce accurate, easy-to-understand disclosure reports. Certent Disclosure Management from insightsoftware mitigates skills shortage challenges and saves time in disclosure reporting by eliminating manual effort. It removes many of the common points of failure associated with financial disclosure reporting and eases the stress on finance teams already spread thin across growing responsibilities.

Rather than drudging through the time-consuming process of piecing together narrative disclosure reports using word processing tools, Excel spreadsheets, and presentation software, your finance team can save countless hours with a disclosure management software solution that provides:

  • Automated Workflows: Manual data extraction, formatting, and compilation are labor-intensive and error-prone. Certent Disclosure Management automates these tasks, freeing up valuable time for finance professionals with specialized skills to focus on higher-level analysis and interpretation of regulations. This allows them to dedicate their expertise to ensuring disclosures accurately reflect the company’s financial health.
  • Centralized Knowledge Repository: Certent Disclosure Management provides a central repository for disclosure policies, procedures, and regulations. This readily available knowledge base empowers even less experienced team members to access and understand the latest requirements.
  • Direct Multi-Data Source Connection: Certent Disclosure Management features direct connectivity to your source data and the ability to add links to data items into your narrative that are shared within and across documents ensure that you have a single version of the truth for consistent reporting. Refresh your data at any time to automatically update your report narrative as your numbers fluctuate to reduce the risk of manual errors.
  • Collaboration and Review Tools: Certent Disclosure Management facilitates seamless collaboration within the finance team and with external auditors. Secure commenting and review features allow senior staff to provide guidance and feedback on disclosures drafted by less experienced team members. This ensures disclosures are reviewed by qualified personnel without requiring extensive individual expertise from every team member.
  • Audit Trail and Version Control: Certent Disclosure Management maintains a clear audit trail for all changes made to disclosures. This allows senior staff to easily track revisions and ensures accountability within the disclosure process. Additionally, version control functionality helps avoid confusion and errors by enabling users to revert to previous versions if necessary.

As the labor market gets tighter and finance teams are asked to do more with less, Certent Disclosure Management empowers finance teams to overcome skills shortage challenges. It equips your team with the tools to produce accurate and compliant disclosures efficiently, even in a resource-constrained environment. Download our whitepaper, Compliance Confidence With a Single Source of Truth, to learn more about how Certent Disclosure Management helps your team avoid the pitfalls of versioning and data entry, speed up your year-end close, and reduce the risk of inaccurate disclosures.

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Compliance Confidence With a Single Source of Truth

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