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Oracle Discoverer is Unsupported. What Comes Next?

As a heavyweight in the world on enterprise software, Oracle makes a lot of companies scramble whenever it decides to stop supporting one of its core products. Such is the case with Discoverer, one of the primary reporting tools in the Oracle ecosystem. Support for...

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The Easier Way to “Age” Your Reports

When Shakespeare warned that "past is prologue," he was pointing to the fact that we can't understand the present or the future without understanding what came before it. This advice is important for finance professionals now that so much emphasis is placed on...

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EPM Reporting Best Practices for 2019

Performance either fuels or inhibits growth. That's important to keep in mind in the context of a recent Gartner survey showing that growth is the top business priority for CEOs in 2019 and 2020. The economy is booming and opportunities abound, so now seems like an...

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Innovative EPM Reporting: What It Is and Why It Matters

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a new version of an old concept. Companies have always tried to track their performance in order to recognize opportunities and liabilities proactively. However, they were restricted by a lack of information and underpowered...

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Q&A Tuesday with Jack McCullough, CFO Leadership Council

Jack McCullough is the founder of the CFO Leadership Council, a professional organization for senior financial leaders. McCullough is a widely-respected public speaker and thought leader who consults with some of today's preeminent financial executives and innovators....

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How to Build Best-in-Class CFO Dashboards

A recent survey conducted by Grant Thornton International offers important insights about the mindset of today's CFOs. Almost all the respondents (95%) agree that finance must improve its technological expertise, especially in terms of data analytics. Half of the...

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The SAP Reporting Strategy You Need for 2019

Reporting is considered a necessary evil by a lot of people. Without clear, accurate, and comprehensive reports, there is no way to know how your company is performing. Yet the amount of time, input, and resources that reporting requires means it can drag down...

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