Sample Report

Daily 3D Report Comparing Store Sales

Daily 3d Report Comparing Store Sales Example Dashboard

Keep up to date with sales movements in all your stores with this dashboard.

This report is focused on three KPI’s related to the growth of sales platform formats that are updated on a daily basis. The three KPIs are then reviewed on a regional basis by sales platform. Then individually ranked straight against their peers. This example highlights the top ten and bottom ten performers in the structure. Each section is empowered with a picklist that allows the report to sort between metric and then platform.

The wizard will walk you through each component and assist with the definition process. Break downs can be deployed to match your organizations custom attributes (or dimensions).

“VariableName”: “@CAT_Actual”
“VariableName”: “@CAT_Budget”
“VariableName”: “@CAT_Forecast”

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