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Working Capital

Working Capitol

Today’s businesses must be flexible, which means having enough working capital on hand to adapt to opportunities and obstacles as soon as they appear. There are many ways to track the amount of working capital available, but none is as easy, intuitive, and insightful as a well designed dashboard.

To understand why, download the free working capital dashboard below. It takes one of the most unruly (but important) KPIs and translates it into a streamlined format that places the most important information right in front of your eyes.

All the blue text on the dashboard is interactive. Enter new values into any of these cells and watch how the rest of the dashboard—including the visualizations—adjusts based on your input. With the minimum effort, users learn about working capital specifically and enterprise performance broadly.

Dashboards like these help ensure that a complete, accurate, and up-to-date understanding of how facts guide decision making. Acting confidently (and flexibly) is easier than you think. To learn how, download our dashboard!

What You Will Learn 

  • How dynamic dashboards make KPIs accessible and actionable
  • What it looks like when data is an asset instead of an obstacle
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Type: Dashboard Role: C-Level & Executive