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Replace Oracle Discoverer with a Reporting Tool Built for Finance

As you look to replace the end of life and unsupported Oracle Discoverer, switch to a modern alternative that adds real business value with self-service for finance, and reduced maintenance effort for IT.

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Ease Migration and Accelerate Reporting

Ease the migration process from Oracle Discoverer while eliminating tedious, and error-prone manual reporting processes. Transform your Discoverer reports into real-time, refreshable reports using easy-to-configure, pre-built templates, or simply recreate them as custom reports in minutes, without help from IT.

  • Advanced Payables Aging
  • Vendor Spend Analysis
  • Daily Cashflow Tracking
  • P&L
  • Advanced Receivables Aging
  • Cash Receipts Analysis
  • Period-on-Period Analysis
  • Top Vendors

Go Beyond the Native Reporting Capabilities of Oracle EBS

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Easy, Self-Service Reporting for Oracle EBS

Accelerate your daily reporting, thanks to deep integration with EBS that leverages the Oracle data dictionary and provides out-of-the-box, pre-built content that does the heavy lifting for table joins, queries, and calculations—no technical knowledge required.

Access Real-Time, Drillable Data

Get immediate answers to critical questions with a direct, real-time connection to your EBS data. Report across any module and analyze data by drilling down from summary to transactional detail, without requiring specialist technical knowledge.

Get Up and Running Fast

With reporting solutions from insightsoftware, you can be installed and up and running within a matter of hours. Self-guided installation and free online training will get you up to speed quickly so you can answer ad hoc requests.

Fast, Consistent, Flexible Reporting for Oracle EBS

The solution is not only agile; it is faster than the Discoverer and Excel combination we used before. We can do in minutes what used to take hours.

- Stewart Starr
Management Accounts Assistant, The British Library

We had more than 100 FSG reports each month, and numerous Discoverer reports with little consistency or version control. We found the solution with GL Wand.

- Mark Paver
Regional Finance Director, SGB

Gain Deeper Insight with Software Purpose-Built for Oracle EBS Reporting

Eliminate manual data dumps and reduce reporting cycles by enabling finance and business users to quickly build their own refreshable reports.

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