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Telecommunications and Broadband Provider Unlocks Reporting Success with Spreadsheet Server

Arvig harnesses the intelligence of Spreadsheet Server to save time, automate reporting, empower the financial team, and free up its IT department to allow them to focus on pressing issues



Prior to implementing Spreadsheet Server, Arvig published financials from its JD Edwards enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and other databases using Crystal Reports. “They weren’t as fast,” recalled Accounting Manager Jennifer Guck. “We couldn’t get to the general ledger details.”

As the company grew, it became obvious that their current reporting processes were not sustainable. Adding new staff to the Crystal Report system was expensive, and the system did not provide the level of visibility they knew they could have. Having the ability to do more analysis would empower them to make better business decisions and see trends more easily. For a department committed to accuracy, providing the correct data was certainly a top priority.

Then Arvig met insightsoftware. Arvig’s first experience with insightsoftware involved Budget Accelerator, a tool that eliminates manual budget preparation processes and improves efficiencies. After a successful deployment and adoption of Budget Accelerator, Spreadsheet Server was the next logical step, which also worked really well.


Implementing Spreadsheet Server was easy and fast, and staff instantly took to it with minimal training. Arvig continues to seek other use cases for Spreadsheet Server to minimize the number of additional tools they need to invest in for financial and operational reporting.

“It worked really well for our needs,” said Guck. “We’ve been doing all of our reporting out of Spreadsheet Server. Using Spreadsheet Server templates is the biggest timesaver.”

Spreadsheet Server also minimized the need for IT involvement in report creation and edits. Although the team is still involved, Arvig found that once Spreadsheet Server was in place, end-users were able to create and edit reports 100% on their own without IT involvement. This freed up IT, saving them up to 200 hours in one year.

Arvig also saved significant time using the Distribution Manager feature of Spreadsheet Server, which gave the company the capability to update a report and let it run and distribute while performing other tasks.

"Every year we find new ways to use Spreadsheet Server to do our job better. Every year we learn more just from creating new reports and digging in. It's so easy!"

Jennifer Guck Accounting Manager

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