Time-Consuming Inefficiencies Rule Your Current Financial Reporting Process

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Financial Reports are Static, Bulky, and Text Heavy

Even when you’re a seasoned CFO, traditional raw, tabular reports are hard to consume. The data take time to interpret and analyze, which is the last thing your C-suite needs to worry about when facing a decision that will impact the business.

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High-Value Financial Resources are Quickly Burning Out

Finance has become a service go-to for others who need access to strategic, financial information. But when your financial reports are not readable by non-technical folks, you have to spend extra time on formatting.

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Sharing Accurate Reports for Decision Making is Not Easy

Manually sharing data is error-prone and takes away from critical analysis. Without the ability to instantly distribute accurate reports at the click of a button, you’re wasting valuable financial resources on administrative tasks.

Quickly Interpret, Analyze, and Share Financial Insights From Anywhere With EPM Dashboards

Create, Manage, and Distribute Reports Without IT

Put your finance team back in the driver’s seat with self-service reporting and dashboards. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, insightsoftware’s financial dashboard solutions provide the tools for everyone in your organization to build reports and EPM dashboards with maximum ease and flexibility.

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Quickly Access In-Depth Analytics

Explore your data by drilling down and uncovering deeper insights to understand what really makes up the figures. Foresee trends by focusing on the data that matters, and plan ahead to help your company move forward.

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Tell the Story Behind the Numbers

Effective financial storytelling involves more than simply distributing monthly financial statements with a few accompanying footnotes. It should be about conveying business performance by guiding executives directly to the key insights behind the data.

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Connect Your EPM Data for the Ultimate Dashboard

Never question data accuracy or integrity again. Our software connects directly with your EPM data source and is supported by automated data flows. You can also integrate non-financial data into your EPM dashboards for total insight into performance.

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Flip the Financial Reporting Paradigm

Through process standardization, a modern visual analytics solution can enhance all aspects of the reporting cycle, shifting the emphasis from basic, manual tasks to actionable, value-added insight and analysis. With one version of the truth and flexible Excel-like formulas, your finance team can now focus on what they do best.

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Top 10 Best Practices for Reporting in Excel

Top 10 Best Practices for Reporting in Excel

From financial statements to annual reports, accurate reporting is essential to the livelihood of your business. Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used analysis tools, and most businesses use it to manage their data and create reports.

In this white paper, insightsoftware gives you 10 easy ways to improve your reporting practices in Excel.

You will learn

  • how to make your reports more interactive
  • Tune your reports for performance
  • Increase report usability through these tried and true techniques

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