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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Oracle ERP Investment?

Reporting Process

Inflexible, Inadequate Reporting Options

When you need custom reports, out-of-the-box reporting solutions are limited. This forces business users to interact with data using a tool they are not familiar with or to manually build views to populate their preferred tool – usually Excel or Power BI.


Over-reliance on IT for Access to Reporting Data

Without true self-service capabilities, reporting processes are too slow, rigid, and highly dependent on IT involvement. Empowering users to self-serve frees up IT resources for other strategic initiatives.

One Data Source Centralization

Lack of Easy Data Access to Make Decisions

Oracle data models are complex and difficult to integrate with other ERPs, BI tools, and cloud data warehouses. Making changes often requires technical support, including a forced reboot of connected applications. 

Flexible Reporting from Unified Views of Oracle Data