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A number of organizations have realized the benefit of becoming a self-reliant finance team, as it frees up so much more of their time for analysis. By using Jet Reports, which has an interface similar to Excel, organizations including the ones featured within this eBook have empowered their finance teams to run and analyze their own reports. Download today to see how the following organizations improved their finance teams’ experiences by implementing Jet Reports:

  • Carlsberg China: The global brewer and distributer of popular beverages has shaved a day off their reporting process by building the reports they need themselves, instead of relying on technical specialists.
  • BPL Plasma: The global life sciences organization collecting plasma had over 80 percent time savings after Jet Reports allowed them to be self-sufficient.
  • Kinseys Archery: The outdoor hunting equipment distributor, based in the US, has reduced the time IT are spending on reports to just two hours, with Jet Analytics allowing the finance team to do the rest.
  • Davis & Shirtliff: The water-related distribution company in South Africa cut the time it takes to generate their management accounts report from six days down to just a few hours, due to automation and removing the need to brief developers on report design.

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