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“When people are trying to write reports in our company, they have to understand what they want first. With Dynamics NAV and Jet Reports working together, it’s pretty easy to do that.”

Kim Mullin IT Business Systems Manager
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Easy Report Building

Jet Reports’ simple Excel-based user interface has empowered all users to build reports and get data instantly.

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Quick, Accurate Data

Users can access the data they need quickly and use formulas to identify any issues directly from Jet Reports.

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Self-Service Portal

Kim can manage all of the company changes on her own using Jet Hub.


Unger is a professional cleaning supply company that uses Dynamics NAV to run their global manufacturing and distribution operations. The company originally used Crystal Reports as their business intelligence and analytics solution but had issues with its complex programming language and reliance on developers. Satisfied with the functionality of their ERP system, Unger decided to switch to an ISV solution known for its flexible and user-friendly reporting capabilities – Jet Reports.


IT business systems manager, Kim Mullin, has been able to see firsthand the power that Jet Reports has had on the efficiency of the entire company. Kim currently takes care of Unger’s Dynamics NAV system and all its integrations, including Jet Reports, Lanham and EDI. She’s responsible for helping users build reports and understand the data in Dynamics NAV. As an IT veteran of 25 years, she has worked with reporting solutions like Crystal Reports and Cognos Analytics and has never been able to write a report in 5 minutes. After completing a 3-day class on Jet Reports, she was able to write reports and quickly train her colleague’s on formula and table tricks to make their jobs easier. Kim’s favorite part about Jet Reports is that fact that it’s not built for technical people and makes it easier for users to get data quickly.

“I tell people all the time that Jet Reports is a great tool because it’s very user-friendly and very easy.”

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Company: Unger Global Country: United States Job Title: IT Business Systems Manager Role: Information Technology
Industry: Manufacturing Microsoft Partner: ArcherPoint ERP/EPM System: Dynamics NAV