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Connect, Create, Conquer: Simplify Integration with Simba SDK


Navigating Complex Data Integration

Integrating data across diverse platforms presents significant technical hurdles. This means your team is spending valuable time on extensive customization and manual effort. This complexity can delay your projects and escalate costs, making efficient data access a persistent challenge.

Collaboration And Sharing

Resource-Heavy Driver Development

Custom driver development demands a considerable time and expertise investment from your team, resulting in significantly less time for innovation. This not only extends your time-to-market but also increases the burden on your dev teams, hindering agility and innovation.


Data Security & Compliance Hurdles

Increasing risks of breaches and penalties mean it’s crucial that you ensure data security and meet compliance standards. Without advanced security measures, your organizations is vulnerable to compromised data integrity, damaging and customer trust and increasing risk of non-compliance.

Optimize Your Data Connectivity: Explore the Key Features of Simba Drivers 

Tailored Driver Development Solutions

  • Eases the complexity of connecting diverse data sources.
  • Provides complete ODBC/JDBC implementation for robust driver creation.
  • Addresses hundreds of new and unique data sources.
  • Provide data connectivity to any ODBC-capable application, including Microsoft Office, MicroStrategy, Tableau, PowerBI, Sisense, QlikView, SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports, Logi Symphony etc.

Full-Spectrum Data Integration Solutions

  • ODBC 3.8 support, including asynchronous execution.
  • JDBC 4.3 and 4.2 support
  • ADO.NET support
  • OLE DB support
  • Certified Tableau Integration
  • Kerberos support
  • FIPs Security Compliance

Flexible & Extensible Development Framework

  • Ensures optimal performance across various environments.
  • Meets cross-platform C/C++ requirements for diverse projects.
  • Harness adaptable collation for customized sorting and filtering of string data.
  • Leverage ODBC 3.8 C Data Type Extensibility for advanced data handling.
  • Employ dynamic schema support for adaptable data structures.

Sophisticated SQL Query Engine Capability

  • Offers SQL parser and execution engine for non-SQL data stores.
  • Translates SQL queries to custom APIs or query languages.
  • Effortlessly customize and implement any unsupported scalar functions.
  • Seamlessly manage data with robust INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE capabilities.
  • Create and modify structures easily with comprehensive CREATE and DROP commands.
  • Optimize processing by delegating complex SQL operations like joins and filtering to the backend.

Insightful Diagnostic Monitoring Tools

  • Supports detailed development and testing processes.
  • Includes optimization tools for efficient custom driver development.
  • Access to ready-to-use ultralight connector samples/templates and a comprehensive quick-start guide.
  • Access to prompt and attentive customer support.

Empowering Versatile Development Needs

Client Platforms:

  • SimbaClient for ODBC supports the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, AIX, and Solaris.
  • SimbaClient for JDBC supports all client operating systems running a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) 1.8 or above.


  • Windows: Microsoft Visual Studio 2015/2017/2019/2022.
  • UNIX: For all platforms, the native compiler is supported.
  • Linux: GNU Compiler environment.
  • Mac: Xcode Clang 11.x/12.x/13.x

Effortlessly Connect with Ready-to-Use Simba Drivers

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