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Galvanize builds and delivers award-winning, cloud-based security, risk management, compliance, and audit software to drive change in some of the world’s largest organizations

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A leader in governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) software solutions, Galvanize is on a mission to unite the objectives of audit, risk, and compliance professionals through data. Since 2016, Magnitude has provided its Simba SDK custom driver development environment and library of ODBC connectors to enable Galvanize to provide customers access to the most popular ERP, cloud, and database systems. The relationship has since expanded to support Galvanize’s evolving data access needs to empower customers to connect to any data source and use their analytics and visualization tools of choice for reporting.


With its acquisition of Rsam, Galvanize (formerly ACL) accelerated its category leadership in integrated risk management. In providing a complete, integrated, and automated view of risk to some of the world’s largest organizations—from frontline operations to the board of directors—Galvanize demonstrates the criticality of data availability. Its HighBond software platform makes GRC officers’ and their teams’ jobs easier, whether scheduling audits, visualizing risks, or automating repetitive tasks without the distraction of obtaining access to the data.

With the rapid growth of new data sources and types, Galvanize sought a long-term technology partner to deliver next-generation data connectivity capabilities to support its requirements across data environments.


Galvanize expanded its licensing of the Simba SDK and Simba ODBC library of connectors.

  • The Simba SDK is used to develop ODBC connectors so customers can pull data out of Galvanize’s software platform and into Tableau, PowerBI, and other tools for visualization and further analytics.
  • Over time, Magnitude worked with Galvanize to minimize the footprint of ODBC connectors so the driver set could be embedded into the Galvanize platform.
  • Simba enables Galvanize customers to access data from the most popular ERP, cloud, and database systems including Salesforce.com, Marketo, Concur, and Hadoop, to name a few.


Galvanize is eliminating adoption barriers for its HighBond platform by demonstrating that they’ve solved for access to data from key customer systems. By leveraging the Simba data connectivity solutions, Galvanize enables its customers to connect to any data source without the Galvanize team having to grapple with the costs, complexity, and risks of developing a custom driver from scratch.

  • Speed of development: Project teams integrated the data access capabilities of the Simba suite of ODBC connectors and Simba SDK in a six-month period through a collaborative process.
  • Better customer experience: Broad breadth of data connectivity built into the Galvanize product improves customer experience as all connectivity capabilities are embedded.

Why Simba

Magnitude has proven to be a long-term, value-added technology partner for Galvanize. The growing partnership provides Galvanize with personalized, peer-to-peer, white-glove service and the Magnitude team is credited for its commitment to listening and solving for specific needs, plus its adaptability to support the success of customers and partners across data environments.

Ask us for details on how to:

  • Reduce development costs, complexity, and risks
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Increase developer productivity

To know where you stand when it comes to risk and compliance, you need access to important enterprise systems. Simba enables Galvanize to provide streamlined access to any data source so our customers can perform super-powered analysis without the distraction of trying to get to the data.

Shahed Khalili VP, Product

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