Are You Wasting Too Much Time on Bulk Data Uploads Every Month?

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No Integration Between Excel and ERP System

Without the ability to automatically import journals, orders, and timesheets into your Microsoft Dynamics system, your data is all over the place.

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Duplicate Data Entry is Consuming Resources

Your finance team is spending more time adding data in Excel manually, rekeying it in Microsoft Dynamics, and validating it than analyzing performance.

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High Risk of Errors and Inaccuracies

When manually uploading transactional data from Excel spreadsheets into Microsoft Dynamics, there is a lot of room for human error, inconsistencies, and bad data.

Automatically Import Excel Reports and External Data into Microsoft Dynamics

Simple, Intuitive Data Uploading—Without IT

Choose from a rich library of templates or quickly create a custom upload template to easily import accurate data into Microsoft Dynamics. Users can easily upload everything from journals to budgets, without needing any help from IT.

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Append and Upload Data to Any Table

Update any Microsoft Dynamics module by appending new data, updating existing records, and automating Excel reports. insightsoftware’s financial reporting solutions also provide extremely flexible uploading capabilities that enable you to update records from multiple companies at the same time.

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Save Time with Secure Journal and Batch Uploads

Say goodbye to duplicate data entry and the stress of bulk data by uploading your journals and batches directly from Excel. With our software, you can upload month-end accruals, a new budget broken down by period and ledger account, sales orders split by customer accounts, and more while fully honoring Microsoft Dynamics security.

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How To Compare BI

How to Compare Reporting & BI Solutions

Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions begin and end with data — not just how the data is collected, but also how it is stored, organized, and accessed. With a saturated market full of solutions to choose from, you need to have a clear understanding of your data needs before you start comparing your options.

In this white paper,

  • You will learn the reasons why a reporting and BI solution is essential for growth
  • How to avoid reporting and BI solution implementation failure
  • What to look for in a solution.

To assist with your software selection process and help you find a solution that fits your current ERP system and IT infrastructure, we have also created a framework for evaluating third party solutions.

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