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What Does A PIM Solution Have To Do With Customer Experience? Everything.  

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You Need Compelling Product Information to Stay Competitive 

How do you keep product information consistent while standing out from your competitors? Keeping product information up to date, personalized and compelling is tough to manage across multiple channels and geographies. 

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You Struggle to Add and Manage Additional Sales Channels 

If you are selling across multiple sales channels. Keeping product information consistent can prove daunting without the right technology. 

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Poor Product Data is Confusing Customers and Limiting Sales 

How can you eliminate errors and inconsistencies in your product data? Access your eCommerce, Across channels, with suppliers

Are you Ready for a Product Information Management Solution?

Our 3-minute PIM readiness assessment can show  you the potential value of a PIM Solution can bring to your company

How Does a PIM solution Drive Your Customer Experience?

Businesses in manufacturing, distribution, and retail know they must provide consistent, continuous, compelling product content throughout the customer journey to keep their prospects on course, provide the best possible service, and build long-term relationships. Do you find yourself asking: 

  • Can rapid growth in new product introductions be managed easier? 
  • How do I eliminate errors and inconsistencies in my product data?  
  • What are the best ways to differentiate my product messaging from competitors? 
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Excel in Commerce with a PIM Solution 

Agility® PIM is a simple-to-use but highly sophisticated Product Information Management solution that puts your most valuable product data at the core of your go-anywhere, sell-everywhere commerce strategy. Whether you need to support ecommerce, traditional channels (print catalogs and direct mail), or data feeds to marketplaces and other channel partners, with Agility, you can: 

  • Build out granular, searchable attributes for rich, accurate, relevant product data 
  • Shorten production timelines and increase efficiencies with team you already have 
  • Directly involve suppliers in the onboarding process 
  • Syndicate contextual content to every channel 
  • And more
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How To Know If You Know You Are Ready for PIM

Without a robust Product Information Management (PIM) solution, even the best product marketing teams can drown in manual effort and spreadsheet-driven chaos. PIM software may be right for your company if: 

  • You’re looking to drive sales growth and build customer loyalty 
  • You need to manage product relationships and assortments 
  • You need to increase the numbers of SKUs offered while drastically decreasing time-to-market
  • You’re looking to increase findability to rank high in search results and drive traffic to your site
  • You need to understand a product’s completeness for all channels and to automate approval and syndication the instant it’s ready
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7 Reasons Why PIM Should be the Next Step in Your Digital Commerce Journey, explains the value of PIM solutions. 

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We recently upgraded from an older version of Governance to Agility’s new AMI user interface and are already realizing the benefits. One advantage we have already realized is giving our Content Manager’s more control by allowing them to import/export data in and out of the system independently which has enabled them to enrich data much faster. We are also working towards building more choice lists and validations to ensure we deliver consistent and high quality data to the website. Each of these abilities allows Allied Electronics & Automation to deliver a great customer experience which is my team’s priority.

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