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Allied Electronics

Getting more than 1 million products to market, fast and effectively

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It’s a close relationship that began a decade ago

When Allied – one of the few companies then with a dedicated product content team to author and enrich information for all channels – found that Agility’s PIM was a perfect fit and instrument for the strategic alignment of their business processes. And it’s an alliance that quickly led to dramatic increases in web, print and direct sales.

The ability to run Agility on their existing Microsoft SQLServer environment has not only enabled Allied to develop the most efficient process but has made product information integral to their multichannel business strategy. Agility’s PIM tools and Excel integration programs have slashed the time required for content authoring and approval. And by interfacing their SAP ERP through Agility’s APIs and Content Gateway, Allied has maximized Agility’s functionality, creating a rigorous environment with a single, trustworthy version of truth for all product information.

With Agility, Product Management for Commerce has become key for Allied. Indeed, it is fast becoming the prime model for all U.S. companies in the product realm, where disciplined data preparation is essential for successful web searches and sales.


  • 520,000 commercial codes
    (UNSPSC, CO, HT, Canadian HT)
  • 65,000 accessories online
  • 75,000 product modules in catalog
  • 25,000 tables published in catalog
  • 38,000,000 attribute values in Agility to date
  • 2,800,000 attributes on the web for specs and parametrics
  • 220,000 datasheets (>500m pages)
  • 320,000 images maintained (in 5 formats)

We recently upgraded from an older version of Governance to Agility’s new AMI user interface and are already realizing the benefits. One advantage we have already realized is giving our Content Manager’s more control by allowing them to import/export data in and out of the system independently which has enabled them to enrich data much faster. We are also working towards building more choice lists and validations to ensure we deliver consistent and high quality data to the website. Each of these abilities allows Allied Electronics & Automation to deliver a great customer experience which is my team’s priority.

Stacey Ostermann Director of Digital Product Content

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