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Leading Wholesale Distributor Attributes 32% Year Over Year Growth to Jet Analytics

Kinsey’s Archery leverages business data to streamline operational processes, react quickly to trends, and make accurate decisions that impact the bottom line.

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“With Jet Analytics, we were able to make reports self-service so our non-technical people could get the reports they wanted without tying up our IT staff.”

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Rapid Time to Value

Installation in under 2 hours allowed users to start creating reports immediately

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Self-Sufficient Users

Kinsey’s IT, Sales, HR and Marketing departments track and share KPIs regularly

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IT Time Savings

IT staff spends just 2 hours per quarter writing reports, a task that historically took 20 hours/week


After purchasing a Dynamics NAV system a couple of years ago, the technical team at Kinsey’s Archery couldn’t find an easy way to report on the many key performance indicators (KPIs) the company needed to track. On top of not having access to the right information, there was a high demand for report queries that the small IT team struggled to keep up with producing. According to Systems Administrator, Mat Ealy, it resulted in over 20 hours per week spent writing reports. To get better data insights in a more timely manner, Kinsey decided to implement Jet Analytics, a robust, easy-to-use corporate analytics and reporting platform built for Dynamics.


Jet Analytics has empowered Kinsey’s business users to write their own reports and has allowed the IT department to pursue strategic initiatives. Now that users are actively engaged, the IT staff spends just 2 hours per quarter writing reports, a dramatic savings of resources and time. Before Jet Analytics, the company had been using 127 SQL reports. Today, Kinsey’s Archery is using just four SQL reports because Analytics has been able to replace the rest.

Superior access to information has improved agility in all departments. Kinsey’s Sales department is now using Jet Analytics for metrics tracking and sharing KPIs with large corporate clients, Marketing leverages business data to explore regional buying trends, and HR is collecting and sharing metrics company-wide.

“For a company that has been around this long and is this established, to see that kind of year over year growth is pretty big. We have experienced this tremendous revenue growth and I think Jet Analytics is part of the reason why.”

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Company: Kinsey's Archery Country: United States Job Title: Systems Administrator Role: Information Technology
Industry: Transportation & Warehousing Microsoft Partner: Western Computer ERP/EPM System: Dynamics NAV