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IT Director Improves Operational Visibility and Strategic Decision Making with Jet Analytics

Force America uses Jet Analytics for Dynamics AX to standardize reporting processes, gain insight into their data, and support data-driven company-wide decisions


Reporting was a constant struggle for mobile hydraulics manufacturer and distributor, Force America. After implementing Dynamics AX, the company had initially tried a few different tools with no success. With no platform or strategy in place, employees were losing hundreds of hours piecing together numbers from Excel sheets. According to IT Director, Chris Erikson, the company was starved for data and needed an easy reporting solution that would give them more visibility into their operations. To find the right reporting and business intelligence solution for their unique needs, the IT team completed a thorough software selection process. It was through this due diligence they discovered that out-of-the box Dynamics AX integration was essential to their success. After comparing several products, Force America confidently chose to implement Jet Analytics.


Force America chose Jet Analytics because it was built for Dynamics AX and was more intuitive to configure and manage. The installation and training came together quickly, and the company had readily accessible data and dashboards within a few weeks. With an easy-to-use, Excel-based user interface and good data flowing out of Dynamics AX, employees have what they need to write and share their own reports easily. The sales team now has access to accurate data on the road, the operations team can respond quickly to changes, and the IT team has a secure data warehouse to centralize data. With full visibility into their data, Force America has seen gains in every area of the business, from sales to procurement to inventory. Armed with insight and KPIs, they can make smart, informed decisions faster than ever before.

“The Dynamics AX integration was really solid right out of the gate. That was one of the decision points we used when we went through the selection process. We ended up feeling more confident that the integration was going to help us move the chains faster – and it did.”

“People are able to make better decisions faster with Jet Analytics. We’ve gotten that feedback as we circle back to every phase, from sales to procurement to inventory—we had no easy visibility into those numbers.”

Chris Erickson IT Director

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