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Meat Produce Company Speeds Up Reporting Process with Bizview

Improved financial reporting through direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Located in Trondheim, Norway, Grilstad is one of Norway’s largest producers of meat, and has activities in all parts of the meat produce value chain. The group employs 400 people distributed across three factories in Norway and one in Sweden. Their 2019 revenue was 1.8bn NOK (approx. $173M USD). Previously, Grilstad was using the ERP system Axapta as a data source for financial reporting in Excel. Creating reports required lengthy and cumbersome manual processes. All departments in the company were involved in the financial reporting process, but it was difficult for individual users to create standard reports on their own. The company was about to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX and needed a solution to extract fast and accurate reports in a flexible manner.


Grilstad chose to implement Bizview, which is now used for financial reporting across the entire company, including reporting for separate departments and aggregate reporting for the entire company, as well as operational reporting for the factories. Grilstad is running a standard cost-based calculation system for their own production. Additionally, data is fetched from the sales order system and combined with the delivery system to produce daily, weekly, and monthly reports for delivery precision.

In addition to financial reports for every part of the company, Bizview is used for production control and delivery precision control, as well as reports for delivery precision to their customers. Bizview collects data from the purchasing, warehouse, and production systems and consolidates this together with data from the financial ledgers to be able to analyse deviations in the production costs in detail for each production and each item number.

Bizview has been fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, and is now a key piece in the overall financial ecosystem of the company. Since implementing Bizview, Grilstad has enjoyed faster time to value with less time spent on generating reports. Now users can easily access and extract the report that they need, without relying on IT or external consultants.

"Bizview was relatively easy to integrate with Dynamics AX, and made it possible for us to generate standard financial reports on our own with a bit of training. The time spent on generating reports has decreased, and everyone in need of financial reports can easily extract them. Bizview is one of several important solutions that steer the financial development in the company and is therefore contributing to us getting control of the value creation."

Bernt Hilstad Finance Director

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