Logi Symphony Dashboards

We invite you to explore our embedded dashboard and data visualization gallery, which showcases various types of dashboards and concepts that users can build using Logi Symphony, an open and flexible platform. Software teams can integrate and embed content like this directly into their applications, offering end-users a comprehensive and seamless data visualization experience, and adding huge value to your software product.

All styles/themes, colors, layouts, charts, and general design choices made in this gallery are creative decisions made by the original designer. Logi Symphony provides complete flexibility and control over what you build, allowing you to create something similar or completely different based on your needs.

Wine Cellar

Industry: Retail


  • Embedded Self-Service Dashboard with Another Application
  • Branded and White-Labelled Login Screen
  • Full Interactivity (Drill Down, Raw Detail, Revisualization and More)
  • Custom Data Visualization
  • Fluid Layout
  • Note: You'll need to click "Sign In" within the dashboard to view it
Wine Cellar Dashboard

Humankind Insurance

Industry: Call Center


  • Real-time Automatic Updates
  • Television / Wallboard design (1920x1080)
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Large Variety of Data Visualizations
  • News Reel
  • Custom Animations
Human Kind Insurance Dashboard

Corgent Company Dashboards

Industry: Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing & Human Resources


  • Contains 7 Different Dashboards/Reports
  • State Driven Executive Summary
  • Custom Diagram and Other Robust Data Visualizations
  • Deep Multi-Level Drill-Down
  • Custom Animations
  • Optional Pixel-Perfect or Scaled Layout
Corgent Company Dashboard

Baby Names Dashboard

Industry: Social Statistics


  • Interactive Date/Time filtering with Time bar
  • Exporting (Image and PDF)
  • Self-service and Customable Layout
Baby Names Dashboard

Harbor Materials

Industry: Construction / Aggregates


  • Responsive Design
  • Navigation (3 dashboards)
  • Forecast and Analysis (Management page)
  • State Indicators
  • Help Overlay
Harbor Materials Dashboard

Dragonwell Dashboard

Industry: Sales / Marketing


  • Clean Easy-to-Use Managed Dashboard
  • Simple Filtering
  • Help Overlay
Dragon Well Dashboard

Sales Management Dashboard

Industry: Sales


  • Navigation with two Dashboards – Sales Team Performance and Revenue
  • Predefined Date Views (Today/This Month/This Quarter)
  • Forecasting
Sales Performance Dashboard

COVID-19 Impact on Canadian Business and Employment

Industry: Research/Social


  • Infographic Style
  • Responsive Design
  • ‘App-like’ user experience
Covid Unemployment Dashboard

Google BigQuery Natality Dashboard

Industry: Political / Social


  • Big Data Analytics using Google BigQuery (137,826,763 rows processed)
  • Data Aggregation
Google Bigquery Dashboard

College Education Dashboard

Industry: Education


  • Interactive Map Drill Down
  • Self-Service BI – change metrics along chart axes
  • Compare metrics against one another
College Edu Dashboard

CTT Wireless

Industry: Technology


  • Goal-driven Metrics
  • Best Practices Orientated
  • Multiple Language Support (Localized)
  • High Data Density (Micro visualizations)
Ctt Wireless Dashboard

Eastpointe Regional Healthcare

Industry: Healthcare


  • Simple Interface
  • Tab-Style Navigation
  • Treemap Visualization
  • Multiple Select Filtering Options
East Pointe Dashboard

IT Monitoring Dashboard

Industry: Information Technology


  • Good for Notifications / Alerts
  • State-based At-a-Glance Design
It Monitoring Dashboard

World Happiness Dashboard

Industry: Social / Government


  • Multidimensional Data Visualizations
  • Combination of Maps, Tables and Charts
World Happiness Dashboard

Student Performance Dashboard

Industry: Education


  • By the Book, Best Practices Design
  • Data Dense, Scannable
  • Micro-visualizations (sparklines, bandlines)
  • Historical vs. Current
  • Colorblind Accessibility
  • State Indicators
Student Performance Dashboard V3