Tired of inflexible and limited “Business Intelligence and Analytics” in your applications?

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Data issues
are limiting
your potential

Fix data accuracy and alignment issues to give consumers a deeper understanding of their data.

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Current Reporting Capabilities are too Limited?

Implement a rich and highly customizable BI and analytics experience giving you the tools you need to create the complex dashboards and reports your users need.

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Weary of
Being Just
a Number?

Partner with a company that takes a customer-centric approach to help your business achieve a lasting competitive advantage.

Pricing Built for Fast and Sustainable Growth

Every SaaS company is asking: how can we grow faster?

Logi Symphony bundles all of Logi’s products together for a cost that scales with your business model so that you can get the capabilities you need to drive sales, at a price that doesn’t hold revenue back.

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Delivering an end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) / Analytics application and framework for embedded content

Fully-Customizable Dashboards

Security Integration

White Labelling

Connect to Any Data

Single Sign On

ETL – Extract, Transform, Load

Patented In-Memory Database

Tailored User Experience

Open API

Looking for inspiration? Browse and sample our library of interactive dashboards – created with Logi Symphony

A Full Suite of Robust Reporting and Data Visualization Solutions

Solve Data Issues to Enable Powerful Embedded BI Capabilities

  • Connect to any open data source from traditional databases, flat-file sources, Excel, or web-based data, through APIs.
  • Join disparate data sources to clean and apply structure to your data.
  • Improve performance with ETL and data warehouse capabilities.
  • Augment data to provide a deeper understanding for consumers.

Work With a Full-stack BI Platform Purpose-built for Rapid Embedding

  • Deploy anywhere.  On-premises for high-security needs or in a self-managed, multi-tenant cloud for public-facing applications.
  • Rapidly embed content into any web-based application.
  • White Label embedded content to match the branding of your application.
  • Manage external authentication using federated security and single sign-on.
  • Embed advanced functionality like self-service, data discovery, and administration for external use.
  • Deploy and manage across multiple tenants seamlessly with your content and branding.

Better Dashboards, Reports, and Self-Service Capabilities

  • Provide for any user experience, including real-time dashboards, self-service, data discovery, pixel-perfect reports, and what-if analysis.
  • Interact with data using drill down/drill through, revisualization, brushing, and layers.
  • Visualize data using any chart type from a robust library of options or build unique visualizations using scorecards and small multiples.

Partner with a company that takes a customer-centric approach

  • Enjoy a superior customer experience from evaluating, learning, and implementing your embedded analytics needs.
  • Reduce the burden of delivering business intelligence and analytics in your application.
  • Rely on our team of experts to work with you to minimize training and implementation barriers.

Connect to Any Data

No limits on data connectivity.

  • Connect to data stores such as cloud data warehouses, Hadoop, NoSQL document store, streaming, and search engine
  • Connect to traditional SQL databases and modern data warehouses
  • Avoid heavy data modeling or coding
  • Support real-time or streaming web-based data
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Focused on Embedding Within Your Applications

Comprehensive features to cover your embedding needs.

  • Integrate with iframe-less embeddable self-service
  • Embeddable pixel-perfect dashboards and reports
  • Variety of login options, including single sign-on (SSO) support, Windows authentication, or federated authentication using protocols like SAML 2.0
  • Web integration with all major web technologies, including SharePoint, HTML5, and Mobile Applications
  • White-labeling to match any existing branding
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Total Extensibility

Fully open APIs allow developers complete control.

  • Accounts Provider API – Sync users, groups, and tenants with your existing applications
  • Authentication API – manage users, change security settings, and log users in and out
  • Data Providers API – connect to legacy or otherwise unsupported data source
  • Export API – export data into new formats
  • Delivery API – send data exports to any destination such as Slack or FTP
  • File System API – manage BI file system objects
  • Formulas API – create new mathematical formulas that users can add to their dashboards
  • Visualization Controls API – add new custom visualizations including D3.js objects
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Deploy Anywhere

Take control of your application hosting.

  • Deployable on-premises behind your firewall
  • Managed public cloud options with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud scalable containers using AWS, Docker, Kubernetes w/ Helm Charts
  • Support for deploying to either Linux or Windows as needed
  • Built-in administration tools to simplify governance, maintenance, and tracking processes
  • Support for multi-tenant deployment scenarios
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Customizable Dashboards

You've never seen this level of flexibility before.

  • Intuitive content creation with drag-and-drop design tools
  • Insanely customizable visualizations
  • Enormous visualization library, styles, and themes
  • Multiple layout options, including responsive design
  • Exceptional navigation and interactivity capabilities
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No More Data Issues

No need to delay your project with a data warehouse.

  • Built-in data preparation, Data Augmentation/Cleanup, and ETL
  • Manage your users with data governance
  • Improve performance with our patented in-memory data warehousing
  • Advanced statistical computing with R or Python
  • Support for time, natural, structured, and ragged hierarchies
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Charts And Graphs Displayed On A Computer Screen

The Economic Benefits of Embedded Analytics

Keep your competitive edge and bring value to your bottom line with an embedded analytics solution.

Organizations are increasingly turning to analytics to add value for their end users. Choosing the right solution— one that will continue to differentiate you from competitors— is no easy task.

Reducing Development Time by 75 Percent with Logi Symphony


The difference is night and day. You couldn't pay me to go back before Logi Symphony.

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