Are Your Teams and End Users Frustrated With Conventional Analytics?

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Tools Aren't
Designed to Last

As end user expectations grow and businesses change, a single tool may not continue to support your business as it scales.

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Switching Costs
are High

When a product becomes inadequate, sourcing and switching to an incompatible new one can cause friction and delays.

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Growth is

Failure to plan for the future can result in daunting operational obstacles and ad hoc purchases that are expensive.

Pricing Built for Fast and Sustainable Growth

Every SaaS company is asking: how can we grow faster?

Logi Symphony bundles all of Logi’s products together for a cost that scales with your business model so that you can get the capabilities you need to drive sales, at a price that doesn’t hold revenue back.

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Packaged for Every Stage of Analytics Maturity, Logi Symphony Gives You Full Access to Every Logi Product

Low-Code Solutions

Fully-Customizable Dashboards

Seamlessly Embedded

Adaptive Security

White Labelling

Robust Visualizations

Connects to Existing Tech Stack

Single Sign On

Personalized Self Service

Real-Time Data

A Full Suite of Robust Reporting and Data Visualization Solutions

Make Your Application Stand Out with Analytics

Deliver analytics that get adopted by creating beautiful and highly personalized analytics experiences.

Deliver Analytics Faster with Fewer Resources

Drive value 4x faster with Logi so you can speed up your go-to-market, without detracting from your core app development.

Connect to the Tech and Security You Already Have

Connect to all your data sources and enable adaptive security so you won’t have to replicate.

Purpose-Built for Software Teams

Leverage embedded solutions that were designed to drive the most value for your application through analytics.

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The Economic Benefits of Embedded Analytics

Keep your competitive edge and bring value to your bottom line with an embedded analytics solution.

Organizations are increasingly turning to analytics to add value for their end users. Choosing the right solution— one that will continue to differentiate you from competitors— is no easy task.

Reducing Development Time by 75 Percent with Logi Analytics


The difference is night and day. You couldn't pay me to go back before Logi.

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