Automate Financial and Operational Reporting Processes from Excel

Save time by automating recurring financial and operational business processes. Eliminate manual data dumps with real-time connectivity to over 130 ERP systems. Create ad hoc inquiries and refreshable and drillable reports, upload data to any JD Edwards Enterprise One or Oracle EBS module, accelerate budget cycles, and distribute trusted financial information to a non-finance audience.
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Access and analyze data from over 130 ERPs in Excel

Get up and running in no time with financial and operational reporting that installs fast and builds on existing Excel skills for a shallow learning curve and fast time to value. Real-time data refreshes with ad hoc inquiry and drill-down to related details mean you spend your time analyzing data, not exporting and formatting it. 

Spreadsheet Server

Uncover what’s truly going on in your organization with real-time, drillable reporting that connects to 130+ ERPs right in Excel 

Spreadsheet Server can be perfectly used for: 

  • Closing the books faster
  • Creating reports without IT
  • Improving data accuracy and reliability

Spreadsheet Server for JD Edwards

Speed up data entry and uploads to JD Edwards Enterprise One with an intuitive, repeatable process inside Excel.

Spreadsheet for JD Edwards Enterprise One can be used for: 

  • Eliminating error-prone manual uploads
  • Speeding up journal entry uploads
  • Creating reusable upload templates

Spreadsheet Server for Oracle with EBS

Create, delete, or modify information and load it securely into any Oracle EBS module without ever having to leave Excel. 

Spreadsheet Server for Oracle EBS can be perfectly used for:

  • Replacing existing slow, cumbersome upload tools 
  • Accelerating the accounting cycle 
  • Creating Excel data entry templates 

Budget Accelerator

Simplify budget creation using the familiarity of Excel so you spend less time building budgets and more time sticking to them. 

Budget Accelerator can be perfectly used for: 

  • Creating budgets in Excel faster
  • Accelerating budgeting and forecasting cycles
  • Managing budget entry and collation

Spreadsheet Server with Intellicast

Easily distribute trusted Spreadsheet Server information to a wider audience in a form that non-finance consumers can readily understand and act upon. 

Intellicast can be used for:

  • Publishing easy-to-use, interactive visualizations 
  • Eliminating unwieldy, static PDF reports  
  • Sharing information with mobile users 

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