Information Distribution

Easily distribute Spreadsheet Server information to a non-financial audience

Distribute financial and operational information from your ERP system to a wider audience in a form that non-finance consumers can readily understand and act upon. With Spreadsheet Server’s ease of access to ERP data, you can quickly create and share mobile-ready, interactive visualizations of your most important data assets. 

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A Trusted End-to-End Solution for Publishing Information

Across Your Organization

Empower users who have traditionally wasted time wading through cumbersome, multi-page PDF reports or long, difficult-to-digest Excel workbooks with access to intuitive visualizations so they can answer both immediate and follow-up questions for themselves. 

work with same numbers

Work with the same numbers

Distribute trusted Spreadsheet Server information based on queries (.edq files) and GXL data to your non-finance audience so everyone is using the same numbers to make decisions. 

financial story

Tell your financial story

Create and share interactive visualizations that are easy to use and up to date to tell your story to a non-financial audience.

reduce it dependancy

Reduce IT dependency

Enable non-finance consumers to answer daily and one-off questions themselves on mobile and desktop, online and offline, without waiting on IT.

We simply make your work easier. Meet some of our customers:

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Our customers use Spreadsheet Server to:

Balance Sheets

Income Statements

Sales Reporting

Budget Forecasting

Operational Reporting

Project Management Reporting

Purchase Order Tracking

Role-Specific Dashboards


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