Is it Hard to Access Secure HR Data and Create Intuitive Reports?

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Employee Information is Confidential

Technical limitations mean you can’t run HR reports on your own. However, finding employees that have the clearance to access that sensitive information and who are not buried in other report requests is increasingly difficult.

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It Takes Too Long to get Reports

Between copying and pasting, exporting, or manually manipulating the rigid reports your databases contain, plus trying to format the information, reports are impacting your productivity and proving ineffective.

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Multiple Sources of Data Result in Errors

The quality of your business reports suffers because there is no integration between the multiple sources of HR analytical data; you need to compile the information manually. Your ERP, an ADP database, Excel files, time systems—the list goes on.

Get the HR Analytics Data You Need to Attract, Engage, and Retain Employees Effectively

Access Secure HR Data from Anywhere

From compensation to employee performance, you need instant access to HR data and analytics to identify trends and reach goals. With pre-built reports and dashboards that are easy to create and customize inside Excel, your HR team can keep tabs on the most up-to-date performance metrics from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Optimize Your Workforce

When looking at labor costs, make sure you’re looking at the whole picture, including employer taxes, benefits, and other non-wage expenses paid for by the employer. With insightsoftware’s reporting and analytics solutions, you can get as high level as an overall percentage of payroll or a granular as by department. You can also recruit smarter by streamlining your processes and maximizing your total return on recruitment investment.

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Dive Deep into HR Insights

HR professionals are responsible for serving the needs of a diverse, modern workforce while strategically guiding the C-Suite on operational initiatives. With the right combination of moxie and technology from insightsoftware, you can provide the transparency and clarity that your executives and general workforce are demanding.

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Top 10 Best Practices

Learn to Create More Compelling Reports with this Free Guide

Whether you’re a spreadsheet expert, or brand new to building business reports, simplify and speed up your report creation process by following our top 10 reporting best practices.

Learn How to:
• Make reports more interactive
• Increase report usability
• Tailor reports for your audience
• Prevent unwanted spreadsheet errors
• And more!

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