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Director of Finance Drives Productivity with Limitless Data Access and Flexible Financial Reporting

Mezzo Technologies uses Jet Reports to get quick access to Dynamics NAV data, simplify report distribution, and make efficient use of its employee’s time.

Primary Mezzo Technologoes


From the minute Mezzo Technologies decided to move forward with implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Mark Turner made it clear that Jet Reports was a necessary reporting tool. As the Director of Finance, Mark had used Jet Reports in a previous role and knew the immediate value it would bring to the fast-growing manufacturing company. Using QuickBooks, Mark was having difficulties creating timely financial reports in the format his executive team needed. Any consolidation or adjustment to the format would require a time-consuming copy and paste process from QuickBooks to Excel. After sharing his experience working with the easy to use Excel-based reporting tool built for Dynamics NAV, Mezzo Technologies decided to implement Jet Reports.


In what used to take over 30 minutes to prepare a financial statement now takes Mark just a few minutes, give or take. With the quick click of the refresh button, Mark has instant access to updated reports in any format he needs, from detailed to summarized financial statements and everything in between. For Mezzo Technologies, Jet Reports has paid for itself in personnel cost. As the primary user of Jet Reports, Mark runs between 10 and 12 reports regularly. “Jet Reports quick and simple nature has allowed me to compress my time,” he explains. “All I have to do is build a report once and from there, updating and sharing is a click of a button.”

Mezzo Technologies has been using Dynamics NAV and Jet Reports since 2016. With the extensive time saved and productivity gains, Mark has more time to review and provide oversight for his department and provide insight into operational efficiency. He now can spend more time creating and optimizing reports that are beneficial and help with forecasting and budgeting for the future.

“Whatever data resides in Dynamics NAV, I can get it out. What more can you ask for?”

“Every company who has Dynamics NAV should have Jet Reports – it’s that simple.”

Mark Turner Director of Finance

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