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Intellicast Work With Same Numbers

Work With the Same Numbers

Whether you’re chained to a desk or driving to meet your next customer, getting connected to the most up-to-date business information is a necessary part of your job.

Intellicast Tell Your Financial Story

Multi-Page PDF Reports are Difficult to Interpret

Static, bulky, and text-heavy reports are hard to consume. When data take too long to analyze, your ability to make data-driven decisions is limited.

Intellicast Reduce It Dependancy

Manual Report Distribution is Risky

When uncontrolled copies of a report pass through many hands, you’re forced to question the integrity and accuracy of your data regularly, in board meetings and everyday interactions.

Empower Users Across Departments

Enable business users to answer daily and one-off questions themselves by sharing self-service interactive visualizations that have drill-down capabilities. Users will be viewing the same trusted Wands data across their organization, and can analyze confidently.

Intellicast Reportmodification

Reports and Dashboards for Everyone

Distribute financial and operational information from your ERP system to a broader audience in a form that finance and non-finance consumers can readily understand and act upon.

Our customers use Intellicast with:

Payables Trial Balance
AP Invoice Aging
AP Invoice Holds
Receivables Customer Aging
Unapplied Receipts
Cost and Depreciation Reserves
Depreciations Inquiry

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Tell Your Financial Story With Ease

By empowering everyday business users with the right tools to create impactful dashboards and interactive visualizations, you can disseminate important information and business performance data with the click of a button.

Intellicast Impactfuldashboards
5 Excel Shortcuts

Top 5 Excel Tips & Tricks Every Finance Manager Should Know

If you’ve worked in finance long enough, you know that Excel is your LIFE.

At insightsoftware, we love Excel! Over the years, we’ve spoken to a number of finance professionals, and one thing we’ve learned is that there is always more to learn when it comes to Excel!

Whether you know enough to get by, or you consider yourself an expert, these tips & tricks are sure to help you step up your Excel game.

Work with the #1 Excel-Based Financial Reporting Vendor for ERPs and EPMs

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“The nature of our business is such that we need to be flexible. GL Wand
allows us to operate as we need, rather than being forced to fit into a specific
reporting structure.”

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