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Finance Team Successfully Implements Reporting Strategy Using GL Wand

The British Library chooses GL Wand to help them navigate upcoming strategy

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“The nature of our business is such that we need to be flexible. GL Wand
allows us to operate as we need, rather than being forced to fit into a specific
reporting structure.”

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Flexibility in Reporting

Ability to report in multiple different structures, allowing them to tailor reporting as needed

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Easy to Use

The finance team was able to easily implement and learn the new system, allowing them to quickly and accurately report financial information

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Reduced Errors

Faster reporting allows the finance team to review reporting for errors, making it more accurate than before


When it came to financial reporting, the British Library was behind the times. They were using Oracle E-Business Suite and Excel to create reports for their data, but it wasn’t the most efficient process. “While this solution worked, it was relatively inflexible and time-consuming to use,” says Stewart Starr, management accounts assistant at the British Library.

Starr and his team also were in the process of finalizing a decade long strategy that would focus on key trends and opportunities. So between their current process and their ambitious goals, they were going to need a better reporting solution.



In 2007, the library’s finance department was restructured and Starr took the opportunity to find a new reporting tool. During their search, they learned about GL Wand from insightsoftware and almost immediately decided on the solution. Since implementing, GL Wand has allowed Starr and his team to work quicker and become more agile in terms of their reporting structure. “The beauty of this solution is that our financial people are able to easily and comfortably use it. Anyone with reasonable Excel skills is able to pick it up just like that,” says Starr.

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