Is Your Late Month-End Close Impacting Critical Financial Decisions?

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Routine Financial Processes are Taking Longer Than They Should

As your month-end close, ad hoc analysis, and reconciling become increasingly difficult tasks, your deadlines get pushed, critical decisions get delayed, and working late is the norm.

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Manual Data Consolidation is Time-Consuming and Error-Prone

Manually exporting, formatting, and consolidating data is not only an inefficient use of your finance team’s time, but it also poses a risk to data integrity.

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Your Finance Team is Heavily Reliant on IT for Report Creation

It’s hard to produce accurate financial statements when you don’t have the technical skills to make last-minute changes or modify a report.

Cut Days Off Your Month-End Close

Real-Time Financial Reporting and Analysis

Drilling down to detail has never been easier with GL Wand. Designed for Oracle EBS and SAP, GL Wand makes it easy to access live data and automate the distribution of reports. Its intuitive features simplify your workflow and shave three to five days off your month-end close.

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Easily Build, Customize, and Share Reports

GL Wand has been designed to leverage the existing security configuration within your ERP environment and simplify how users build reports and ad hoc queries. With an easy-to-use Excel interface, finance users have the self-service tools to create highly customized reports with complex requirements and schedule mass distribution of reports in multiple formats via email or shared drive.

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Quick User Acceptance

GL Wand is tailor-made for Oracle EBS and SAP, which means that it is possible to download the software, rapidly install it, and begin reporting within a few minutes with no lengthy implementation required. Report your way and answer questions before anyone even asks.

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5 Excel Shortcuts

Top 5 Excel Tips & Tricks Every Finance Manager Should Know

If you’ve worked in finance long enough, you know that Excel is your LIFE.

At insightsoftware, we love Excel! Over the years, we’ve spoken to a number of finance professionals, and one thing we’ve learned is that there is always more to learn when it comes to Excel!

Whether you know enough to get by, or you consider yourself an expert, these tips & tricks are sure to help you step up your Excel game.

Work with the #1 Excel-Based Financial Reporting Vendor for ERPs and EPMs

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“The nature of our business is such that we need to be flexible. GL Wand
allows us to operate as we need, rather than being forced to fit into a specific
reporting structure.”

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