Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics

Build Live Reports

with drill-down inside Excel for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

Blend live data from Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 and other sources to create financial and operational reports with drill-down in Excel

How long do you spend creating financial and operational reports?

You have data in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, but you also have reportable data in other internal and external systems. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is bringing together and making sense of all these disparate data sources. When it comes time to report on this data—whether that’s daily, monthly, or ad hoc—completing the request is likely to be:

  • Time-consuming and manually intensive
  • Prone to error from re-keying data
  • Repetitive, because every update requires data to be re-exported manually
  • Incomplete due to static data that doesn’t allow you to drill the detail
  • Long-winded as you must manually blend data from multiple sources

100% of surveyed education customers were able to free up at least 25% of their IT support when they began using Atlas to create reports

74% of surveyed users found that Atlas significantly increased timeliness, efficiency, and accuracy in reporting operations for their organization

71% of surveyed CFOs have been able to solve data access issues by implementing Atlas for Dynamics

Fast, simplified reporting for Microsoft Dynamics for AX and 365


With Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics, users have one platform that will consolidate data from Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 and other key business systems into a single report. Cutting-edge integration features enable you to design, build, and share real-time reports in Excel spreadsheets and other Office documents, easily upload additional data, and then visualize the data using Power BI or customizable Atlas dashboards. For 365 customers, Atlas works with Microsoft Dynamics’ multi-factor authentication when accessing data from your cloud ERP.

  • Eliminate manual processes
    No more re-keying data. Create dynamic reports inside any Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft Office application and refresh on demand to trigger when a value changes
  • Embed business data in Microsoft Office documents
    Insert live data from Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 and other business systems into any Microsoft Office document
  • Answer all your questions
    Full drill-down capability from summary to transaction inside any Office document, so you can identify and resolve issues immediately
  • Support closed-loop decision making
    Take action from within Excel with a writeback data capability that enables you to create new records and update existing ones in Microsoft Dynamics
  • See the big picture
    Pull together data from multiple sources in real time and visualize in one easy-to-read report
  • Work with the latest numbers
    Get real-time access to the data in your business systems to ensure you are always making decisions based on the most accurate and up-to-date information


“Our reports [using Atlas] contain more meaningful data than ever before, are produced in less time, are more robust and less prone to error.”

Ashlee Waldorff
Financial Analyst
Springfield Land Corporation

Acuative freed up to 50 hours in one year throughout their organization by using the data migration/upload functionality within Atlas.

Jason Wilson
Accounting Manager

Atlas helped us to identify incorrectly allocated funds, data, and/or duplicate invoices due to reporting errors.

Edna Salazar
Accountant Payable
Crystal Cruise Lines


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