Atlas 101: An Introduction to Atlas

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22 06 Wbn Atlas101 Resource

Welcome to Atlas 101 where we’ll take you through everything you need to know to enhance your Atlas experience in AX and D365 F&SCM.

In this whirlwind tour of Atlas, Rocco Giumelli – resident Atlas expert and Manager of Professional Services – takes it back to basics to show you the launch procedure, available connections, and the multithreading nature of Atlas, as well as the principal tools and features available in your solution.

Join us as we step through:

  • New object menu options, including single cell formulas, cache-driven objects, table objects, styles, and formatting
  • Joining tables and merging reports between systems, as well as matrix dynamic reporting and grouping
  • Connecting Atlas to other documents outside of Excel
  • Using the incremental and master cache
  • Batch processing functions and when to use them
  • Automation tool using batch tasks
  • Tour of the Desktop client for visual dashboard reports
  • Using and creating drill downs
  • Bursting reports for different stakeholders


There is so much to explore in Atlas, but in this 45-minute session, we’ll do our best to cover all you need to know! So, whether you’re new to Atlas or have been using it for years, this is your chance to discover what’s at your fingertips and unearth features and functions we’ve introduced since your last renewal.

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