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Your Reporting, Analytics, and Planning Efforts Are Hampered by Poor Access to Data

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Creating Timely D365 Financial Reports Requires IT

With so many time-critical processes, finance teams need the ability to create and run financial and operational reports, fast. Unfortunately, out-of-the-box D365 reporting tools are slow, inflexible, and technical. Power BI, while great for summary visualizations, wasn’t designed for transactional reporting. This leaves you dependent on IT or external technical consultants to create your reports, which takes time and money, and means you are not in control of the process.

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Combining Multiple Data Sources is Hard

When you need to bring together data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (D365F&SC) and other sources (e.g., to combine historic data from Microsoft Dynamics AX or to blend data from a third-party system) to create a single source of truth for reporting, this becomes a time-consuming, complex, and expensive process that leaves you dependent on a handful of key resources.

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Planning and Forecasting Processes are Too Manual

When your team has to juggle a mass of spreadsheets for budgeting, planning, and forecasting tools, you’re spending too much time on slow, error-prone, manual processes. By sending out hundreds of budget templates, waiting days to collect the right figures, chasing people who haven’t responded, before manually consolidating their input into a master spreadsheet, you’ve spent too much time on manual work, leaving too little time for value-adding activities.

Simplify Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Data Access and Accelerate Time to Value

Speed Up D365 Financial Reporting With Flexible Financial and Business Reporting Inside Excel and on the Web

All Your Reporting in the Familiar Excel Environment

Access all your financial and operational reporting and data uploading needs from inside the familiar Excel environment with Jet Reports. Create and share reports in Excel and combine data from across tables and entities in one report. Drill from summary to transaction data. Enjoy fast performance, even over large data volumes.

  • Custom Data Entity Packs for financial reporting mean no more reliance on IT or technical experts.
  • Ability to blend data across tables and entities without writing code.
  • Data access security based on ERP security privileges.
  • Start creating reports rapidly

Get up and running within a matter of hours inside the familiar Excel environment to deliver the information your business needs. Choose from a library of easily customizable, pre-built templates, or create a custom report in minutes without having to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • More than 100 pre-built templates.
  • Intuitive interface to start creating new reports in minutes.
  • Easy connectivity with D365F&SC and other sources.
  • Access all the data you need for confident decision making.

Answer your most challenging questions by easily combining data across Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other sources in a single report, without needing help from IT. Mix and match data from multiple sources to see the big picture. Flexible integration options to connect to your Dynamics 365F&SCM data source. Whether your configuration uses Synapse/ADLS, BYOD, SQL or Cube data, Jet Reports has you covered.

  • Create ad hoc reports against Microsoft Dynamics 365 data or Synapse/ADLS, BYOD, SQL or Cube data.
  • Drill into balances, journals and subledgers from within Excel.
  • Fast response times with offline reporting capabilities and incremental refresh.
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Deliver a Single Source of Truth for Fast, Flexible Enterprise-Wide BI and Analytics

Ensure Consistent and Accurate Analytics

Combine multiple data sources for accurate, repeatable reporting and analytics. Maintain a real-time copy of the transactional data in a data warehouse that delivers a single source of truth across the organization. Build OLAP cubes and tabular models for fast, easy reporting through Excel or visualization tools like Power BI, eliminating the need to work with the Entity Store. Centralize the definition of derived metrics and track data changes over time to enable historical reporting.

  • Multiple connector types and seamless access to multiple sources
  • Slowly changing dimensions to track organizational changes over time
  • Automatic lineage and documentation to simplify troubleshooting and drive confidence in the numbers

Enable Self-Service​ Across the Organization

Get started using a library of pre-built OLAP cubes and an extensive report and dashboard template library, and by using shared semantic layers designed for specific departments and purposes. Establish a system of record that includes historical data and multiple data sources, and guarantees that everyone is using the same information to run their reports.

  • Drag-and-drop interfaces and no need to type code
  • Multiple environments for development, test, and production support lifecycle management and maximize uptime
  • Data access security layer that adapts to reporting needs

Drive Reporting Performance​

Build cohesion and improve team output. Jet Analytics is a complete data warehouse automation and BI customization platform that is five times faster than manual coding. Quickly combine data from numerous sources into a data warehouse, customizable cubes, and tabular models. Eliminate bottlenecks with readily available query evaluation and database performance enhancing tools.

  • Star schemas, tabular models and OLAP cubes​ to boost query response time
  • Incremental refresh for fast performance and optimal resource utilization
  • Multithreaded execution capabilities for enhanced responsiveness

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Save time with a data warehouse automation platform that supports fast changes and simplifies the ETL process. Get up and running fast using pre-seeded tabular models and a library of pre-built OLAP cubes. Reduce your dependency on SQL experts or scarce third-party consultants and implement changes in-house, enabling you to react quickly to changing business needs. Save time by centralizing data access rules based on your reporting needs, and by setting automatic data refresh schedules.

  • Impact analysis tools to simplify modifications
  • Reverse Engineer Data Warehouse/OLAP Database to speed up transitions
  • Automatic and recurrent data refresh schedules to simplify management
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Optimize Results with Robust D365 Planning and Forecasting

Take Control of Your Planning

Improve business results with a more robust and efficient planning process for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, without the need to work with multiple spreadsheets saved on individual PCs. Save huge amounts of time with automatic consolidation of budget and forecast figures, always connected to your D365F&SC data in real time. Create any type of budget, forecasting, and planning in a web-based, spreadsheet-like interface using Bizview.

  • Web-based, spreadsheet-like interface
  • Task automation increases productivity with spread keys, system-proposed forecasting, distribution of overhead costs based on predetermined criteria, etc.
  • Create bottom-up, top-down, zero-based and hybrid budgeting models

Extend Planning Beyond the Office of the CFO

Extend Bizview to other business areas to support integrated planning. Easily scale your solution to more users, additional entities, and new planning areas. Web-based, mobile-friendly deployment supports hundreds of users and is ideal for distributed organizations. Automatically consolidate budget figures across multiple entities to support multi-company and multi-currency configurations.

  • Workforce management
  • Sales planning
  • Project management

Integrate with Any Data Source​

Store data centrally to connect your plans and actuals in one place. Combine actuals from Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management with budgets and forecasts in Bizview so you can make the right decisions, fast, across your organization. Bridge the gap between financial and operational details, and drill into variances and commentaries to quickly identify anomalies and uncover the root cause.

  • Access real-time data
  • Single-source-of-truth data repository
  • Sophisticated data access rules

Shorten Budgeting Cycles

Save time by using powerful workflows with built-in, multi-level approval. Send out requests to your team through automatic e-mail coordination, giving better control of budget entry and approval. Comment directly inside forms to streamline communication. Sophisticated data access rules and a full audit-trail of changes ensure adherence to governance and compliance needs.

  • Multi-level approvals
  • User-selectable business dimensions
  • Comments and collaboration

Create More Accurate Plans

Customize your planning forms according to your specific business needs, paving the way for better decision-making. Advanced formulas and logic allow you to work with tailored planning and forecasting, such as driver-based planning, for more reliable numbers leading to smarter decisions. Advanced forecasting capabilities such as multi-version/scenario management give a better overview of possible business outcomes, allowing you to create subsequent action plans to respond to potential outcomes.

  • Driver-based planning and forecasting
  • System-generated proposed forecasting
  • Multi-version comparison/scenario management
D365 Finance and Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting

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Work with the #1 Reporting, Analytics, and Budgeting Vendor for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management

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