Create Real-Time Data Visualizations for Immediate Insight

for JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite

Track KPIs through interactive visuals that drill down to live JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite transactions for fast answers to business questions

Do your decision makers have all the information they need?

How do you provide finance and operational information to key decision makers across your organization? Decision makers don’t have time to hunt for the numbers they need; they’re looking for instant returns. Clues that an organization’s information delivery processes are broken include:

  • Data warehouse not in sync with production
  • Decision maker difficulties navigating from summary to detail information, making it challenging to identify and fix issues in a timely manner
  • High reliance on finance or IT to answer business questions
  • Time-consuming processes for decision makers to wade through traditional reports to create a summary view of key finance or locate operational metrics
  • Finance, data integrity, and reconciliation issues that become increasingly apparent at month end, extending the time it takes to close the books

93% of Hubble customers report high satisifaction with their solutions

ACCA saved £4M in one year with Hubble

ASRA Housing replaced all Discoverer and FSG reports within 6-8 weeks using Hubble

Empower your entire organization with relevant, real-time insights

Hubble Visual Analytics provides users across all levels of the organization with relevant, real-time insights so they can make better decisions. Hubble Visual Analytics works hand-in-glove with Hubble Reporting to provide JD Edwards and Oracle EBS customers with a 360-degree view of performance by integrating ERP data with other sources.

Developed for users who want information beyond reports, Hubble Visual Analytics features alerts, messaging, and flexible user-friendly dashboards that you can build without IT involvement. Using these dashboards, you can automatically manage the health of your KPIs and flag exceptions early to take action.

Hubble Visual Analytics extends the capabilities of Hubble Reporting and is fully integrated with Hubble Planning to bring your data into context for all areas of your business.

  • Share relevant, real-time insights
    Create interactive visuals that summarize key metrics, giving users an immediate understanding of what is happening and why.
  • Identify exceptions early
    Set alerts to automatically track the performance of KPIs and metrics and provide early notification when action is required.
  • Fix issues at the source
    Drill from summary visualizations into source transactions to fix data integrity and reconciliation issues immediately.
  • Enable collaborative decisions
    Allow team members to collaborate through integrated discussions that provide a basis for consistent, shared decisions.
  • Create compelling data visualizations
    Build interactive visuals to track KPIs through scorecards and charts to drive meaningful insights.
  • Improve user adoption
    Create personalized visualizations which are proven to increase user adoption with dashboarding solutions.


With Hubble, everyone has access to the same information in real time. When we understand the details behind the numbers, we are able to respond confidently to big-picture questions.

Cathy Reece
Financial Controller
Bibby Distribution Limited

With Hubble, it’s beautiful because they’ve got a social media component where different participants in the process can interactively collaborate and explain why certain variances are there. It really compresses the review process.

Anthony Lackey
Senior Vice President
ISS Facility Services

Our Finance team went live with Hubble on day one and we replaced all Discoverer and FSG reports within 6-8 weeks.

Balwant Basran
Head of Treasury & Business Planning
ASRA Housing


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