Slash Budgeting and PLanning Cycle Time Across Your Organization

for JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite

Streamline your planning process by integrating budget, forecast, and plan data with live actuals from JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite

Do you feel trapped in never-ending budgeting and planning cycles?

Does it require a Herculean effort to collect, coordinate, and consolidate data from across the business to pull together a central plan? By the time you’ve pulled your budgets and plans together, the information you are working from is out of date, and you struggle to bring ERP actuals together with plan data to measure performance. The fact is, planning and budgeting processes create a multitude of challenges, including:

  • Lack of visibility into what other departments are planning
  • No ability to collaborate and share information
  • Decisions based on incomplete data that’s not connected to your ERP
  • No control or security over planning data
  • Taking too long to manually export ERP actuals and merge with forecast and budget data in static spreadsheets

Continuous forecasting lowers cycle times by more than 70%

ACCA saved £4M in one year with Hubble

ASRA Housing replaced all Discoverer and FSG reports within 6-8 weeks using Hubble

Experience complete visibility in your planning process

Hubble Planning simplifies the budgeting and planning process by integrating budget, forecast, and plan data with your ERP actuals. It introduces seamless collaboration and approvals to support a continuous planning process. And it brings an agility to your organization that enables you to react and adapt to changing market conditions.

Hubble Planning puts an end to manual errors, time-consuming ERP data dumps to measure performance, and long approval email chains that draw out your planning process. In short, you’ll spend less time managing past performance and more time strategically driving the organization forward. The result? A sophisticated approach to planning that is more efficient, collaborative, and productive.

Use Hubble Planning on its own or fully integrated with Hubble Reporting and Hubble Visual Analytics to bring your data into context for all areas of your business.

  • Improve planning processes
    Access and compare live ERP actuals and budgets side-by-side with no data export required.
  • Reduce cycle times
    Introduce continuous forecasting to lower planning cycle times by more than 70%.
  • Collaborate across the organization
    Gain insights into other departments’ forecasting and budgeting processes and make changes in real time for improved accuracy and version control.
  • Integrate workflows and approvals
    Monitor planning activities and set approvals to streamline governance and compress cycle times
  • Test what-if scenarios
    Model multiple scenarios to understand potential business impacts and reduce risks prior to taking action.


Hubble gives us higher quality information, far better details, and the ability to make better business decisions. Giving the department heads information proactively has driven collaborative financial management that directly impacts our bottom line.

Mike Sycamore

Hubble is ridiculously fast. Our month-end overhead reports now take about 1/8 of the time, giving us the time we need to focus on more important things in the business.

Hayley Parris
Burns & McDonnell

With Hubble, it’s beautiful because they’ve got a social media component where different participants in the process can interactively collaborate and explain why certain variances are there. It really compresses the review process.

Anthony Lackey
Senior Vice President
ISS Facility Services


Hubble Planning:
How to reduce planning cycle times

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