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Faster, Simplified Data Connections

Whether you need to get to market faster, streamline operational procedures, or create a clear view of your company data, insightsoftware’s Automation & Data Management solutions give your team an easy-to-use interface to take control of your data.

Eliminate the time spent manually updating business data or waiting on IT to pull the information you need to make decisions.

Automation Data Management Capabilities
Bert Van Soest BI manager
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"Cromology will continue to refine our use of Jet Analytics to streamline internal processes. There is currently still data sitting dormant in our system that we hope to tap into soon. With CrossPoint365 and Jet Analytics in our corner Cromology has a bright future."

Andrew Parkhouse Operations Director
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Agility is a fantastic product, with a great team of people behind it.

DON NEU Kimball Office
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Magnitude’s support is great. Turnaround time is also very good, but it’s the thorough solutions offered by your team that stand out.

Roles & Industries

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our ERPsmarts and deep industry knowledge allow us to build data management and automation tools to fit your specific needs depending on your industry and role.


Some benefits of process automation include increased efficiency, reduced errors, improved compliance, and cost savings.

Processes that can be automated include data entry, report generation, customer onboarding, and invoice processing.

Some benefits of data management include improved data quality, increased efficiency, better decision-making, and cost savings.

Examples of data management tools include databases, data warehouses, and data lakes.

Master data management (MDM) is a process that involves creating a single, consistent view of an organization’s critical data assets.