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Supercharge Your Accounting & Treasury Processes

Accounting and treasury professionals have a lot on their plates. From ensuring compliance with the latest accounting rules and regulations, and managing equity and debt instruments, to providing timely and accurate reporting to stakeholders – these professionals are at the forefront of a company’s financial success. So why not make their lives a little easier? With the right tools and expertise, navigating this complex environment can be a breeze.

insightsoftware offers a suite of products that can help you simplify and automate your accounting and treasury activities, improve data quality and visibility, and enhance decision-making and performance. Whether you need to handle equity management, financial accounting, or lease accounting, we have a solution that fits all your needs.

Accounting Treasury Capabilities
Sonja Loyd Financial Reporting Manager
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I have nothing but good things to say about insightsoftware administrative services. It’s a good product and top-notch service.

John Worth Group CFO
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With our ambitious growth plans, and commitment to digital leadership through embracing new technology, we found the ideal partner in [FastPost].

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"Certent Equity Management keeps the cap table accurate and allows me to provide accurate ownership information to the management team and shareholders quickly."

Roles & Industries

How an Adaptable Solution Helps

Agility is a critical component of automation within accounting and treasury operations, ensuring that organizations can swiftly and efficiently react to ever-evolving market conditions and regulations, capitalize on new opportunities, and safeguard against potential risks.

Role Cfo


As the CFO, you must oversee your organization’s financial performance and strategy. You must ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations, manage risks and opportunities, and provide your executive team and board with strategic guidance and insights. Accounting and treasury software can help you automate and streamline your financial processes, improve data quality and reliability, and enhance reporting and analysis capabilities.

Role Financial Controller

Financial Controller

As the financial controller, you need to manage your organization’s accounting operations and financial reporting. You need to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your financial data, comply with internal and external audit requirements, and support the financial planning and analysis function. Accounting and treasury software can help simplify and accelerate your financial close process, ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations, and generate accurate and consistent financial statements and reports.

Role Treasurer


As the treasurer, you need to manage your organization’s cash flow and liquidity. Your role includes forecasting cash inflows and outflows, optimizing working capital, managing debt and investments, and mitigating financial risks. Accounting and treasury software can help you automate and improve your cash flow forecasting, modeling, and reporting, integrate data from multiple sources, and provide visibility and control over your cash position. 


Automation can help reduce the risk of errors in accounting and treasury by minimizing the need for excessive manual intervention, which is how many data entry errors are introduced. Using accounting software that includes error-reducing features, such as audit trails and workflow automation can also help mitigate data discrepancies.

Some of the most common challenges with equity management software include accessing the data required to create accurate ledger-based cap tables, modeling and comparing pre/post-round-of-funding scenarios, ensuring efficient and timely distribution of information to shareholders and plan participants, as well as contending with software that is unable to scale to support your growing business.

To ensure data accuracy in accounting and treasury processes, it is important to know where your data comes from and how it is collected, stored, and updated. Establishing clear and consistent data standards and rules for your accounting processes, as well as reconciling entity financial data with associated Treasury data, can also help ensure accuracy. Enabling non-technical business users to create their own accounting rules within an IT-approved environment is another method that can ensure data precision and compliance in this area. This approach can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and centralize the implementation of accounting logic.

Some of the most common challenges with lease accounting software include identifying embedded leases, finding all the lease contracts and ensuring accuracy of the data. Because many companies have a decentralized approach to leasing today, ASC 842 forces everyone to organize that data and allows for smarter business decisions. Implementing lease accounting software solves many of these challenges for your colleagues in other departments.