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Elevate Your Tax & Compliance Function to a Strategic Level

Accelerate Reporting and Empower Informed Decision-Making with a Unified Solution.

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Sebastiaan Stoffelen Tax Assurance Specialist
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“We found a lot of value in the automation because of our tight reporting timelines. At the end of the process the disclosure notes are all fully automated, resulting in a more controlled outcome because of the validation checks that are built into Longview Tax. Ultimately, we aim for a holistic approach to our tax processes, with one source for multiple users.”

Anders Eckerwall Head of Finance
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“Implementing Certent saved us time during the critical close process, giving us more time to ask questions thanks to the reducing our manual workload."

Daniel Reil Consolidated accounting consultant, Bauer AG
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Switching from Excel packages to online data collection with IDL has paid off. For monthly reporting alone, we will now save two days worth of work when preparing report forms.

Roles & Industries

Utilizing Tax and Compliance Software

Tax and Compliance software is used by a variety of roles within organizations across the tax and finance functions as well as the regulatory functions.

Vp Of Tax

VP of Tax

A VP of Tax manages global tax compliance and reporting obligations for various business entities. They often oversee the completion of Federal and/local state income tax returns including all related analysis and support. Tax software can help a VP of Tax:

  • Close faster while reducing dependency on other departments
  • Eliminate costly consequences of error prone manual tax management
  • Establish a single source of truth that promotes strategic analysis
Group Financial Controller

Group Financial Controller

A group financial controller reports to the CFO and controls the flow from consolidation through to report. They often manage the group’s financial and treasury systems and practices, ensuring financial information is timely, accurate, complete and compliant with relevant accounting and taxation principles. They care about accuracy as well as visibility.

Disclosure management software can help them:

  • Accelerate their reporting process
  • Ensure the most accurate and up to date information, even with late changes
  • Ensure every report is always in perfect alignment through direct connectivity


Tax and disclosure management software brings efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and better decision-making to an organization’s tax processes, ultimately saving time and reducing costs while ensuring regulatory compliance.

You can ensure the security of your financial data in the cloud by choosing a reputable vendor that follows industry best practices and standards for data encryption, backup, recovery, authentication, authorization, and monitoring.

Ensure the vendor you choose to work with offers seamless integration that can easily connect to your primary data sources, such as ERP systems, spreadsheets, databases, or cloud applications, and that they are able to extract, transform and load this data into their software platform.