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Financial Application Specialist Saves Time and Empowers Staff with Self-Service Reporting

The city of Ellensburg uses Jet Reports to simplify financial reporting, improve process efficiency, and get instant access to valuable data


The city of Ellensburg manages seven billable utilities and all financial reporting for a population of 20,000 people in Washington, United States. The city had been using Management Reporter to write reports, but struggled with getting reports out on time and in the right format due to the complexity of the system. Financial Application Specialist, Brent Meyers, was stuck spending about 50 percent of his week trying to create reports. After the announcement from Microsoft came out that they would be ending support for Management Reporter, the city needed to find a replacement for their reporting solution, fast. Keeping in mind the need for an easier reporting tool, Ellensburg became an early adopter of Jet Reports for GP.


Ellensburg uses Jet Reports throughout the entire city for all aspects of module reporting, including GL reporting and multi-company support. From the start, Jet Reports was extremely simple to use and allowed non-technical users to run and write their own reports – something that they couldn’t do with Management Reporter. Now that the entire team is self-sufficient, the city has saved valuable time and redirected their resources toward other areas of the business that needed more attention. As for Brent, most reports take him between 30 minutes to an hour nowadays. With all that extra time, he’s been able to expand his accounting knowledge and become a double threat with his IT background.

“I like the simplicity of Jet Reports. I have the ability to install and run a report in five minutes.”

Brent Meyers Financial Application Specialist

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