When Nanometrics Knew Spreadsheet Server was “The One”

Prior to implementing Spreadsheet Server, the finance team at Nanometrics relied heavily on FSGs and canned Oracle R12 reports.  Like many spreadsheet users, they spent precious time exporting data into Excel and their process was both manual and cumbersome.  Data in Oracle was difficult to access and the team struggled with ad hoc reporting and finding detailed information in Oracle.

A Better Way with Spreadsheet Server

Nanometrics knew there had to be a better and more efficient way to report out of Oracle.  After evaluating various reporting solutions, they selected and implemented Spreadsheet Server, which is an Excel add-in that provides live Oracle data and drill down in Excel.  After a two hour installation and a few days of education and report building, end users at Nanometrics were up and running with Spreadsheet Server.  Initially, Nanometrics was only considering Spreadsheet Server to be a small part of their reporting process, but after training, they were immediately impressed by the ease and the scope of the product and have found numerous ways to benefit from the application.

Easy FSG Conversion

Spreadsheet Server converted existing FSGs seamlessly to real-time reports with drill down capability.  Now that FSG reports have been replaced, reports are built directly in Excel by end users.  Users simply refresh reports and Spreadsheet Server updates the numbers with real time values from Oracle and drill down is just an easy mouse click away. Reporting tasks that took hours before implementing Spreadsheet Server now take just minutes, so users can now spend their time analyzing the information rather than manually creating reports. Finance users are able to develop reports quickly on the fly and can drill down to sub ledger detail and customize reports as needed.  Reports range from complex reports for management reporting to cash flow statements and everything in between.

Scott Murcray, VP Finance for Nanometrics, finds the time savings with Spreadsheet Server to be very impressive, stating that Spreadsheet Server “has a savings to me of over 40 hours per week at the busiest time of the quarter.”  Across his team, users of Spreadsheet Server also have saved 14 hours per quarter in cash flow reporting, 12 hours in trial balance reporting, and 1-2 hours on income statements and balance sheet reporting.

FSGs and manual reporting intervention are things of the past now that Nanometrics has automated their Oracle reporting with Spreadsheet Server.