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Streamline Your Financial Reporting with Jet

insightsoftware -
July 13, 2023

insightsoftware is a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, empowering organizations to unlock business data and transform the way finance and data teams operate.

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In today’s unpredictable economy, it comes as no surprise that businesses need to be adaptable. Finance teams have been dealing with uncertain markets for the last several years, resulting in an increasing demand for them to do more with less. It started with COVID, as the pandemic and its fallout transformed the Finance function, necessitating faster and more accurate forecasting and reporting to inform rapid decision-making.

Despite continued economic headwinds through 2022, finance teams adjusted to the need for greater efficiency and accuracy and were optimistic about the future and preparing for growth. However, in 2023, CFOs are now preparing for a recession and tightening the purse strings, leading finance teams to find balance with the resources they have on hand.

Agility Drives Resilience

In today’s uncertain market, the need to build a resilient team that can adapt quickly to market changes is greater than ever. Agility is about arriving at decisions quickly and acting on them confidently.

Financial reports (ideally) offer a window into all aspects of company performance, both inside and outside finance. They give decision-makers invaluable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the company as well as the obstacles and opportunities on the horizon. Great reporting makes it clear what to do next, while not-great reporting does the opposite.

This is where Jet solutions from insightsoftware come in. Jet Reports and Jet Analytics help your FP&A teams streamline financial reporting to achieve agility and resilience in a targeted and proactive way.

Fast, Flexible Reporting and Analytics for Any Microsoft Dynamics Data Source

Jet Analytics and Jet Reports seamlessly integrate with all Microsoft Dynamics ERPs to simplify processes and speed up financial and operational reporting. Designed for business users, our purpose-built financial and operational reporting software delivers the business insights you need in a way that works for even the most non-technical user.

  • Quickly and easily generate timely, accurate financial reports with Jet Reports.
  • Get an accurate, controlled set of data to feed financial reports into Power BI with Jet Analytics – hosting available on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Enable self-service reporting and analytics to manage and create reports for better data-driven decisions.

By taking advantage of Jet solutions your team can achieve balance, shore up processes, and weather the expected recession by building agility that drives resilience.

Streamline Your Monthly Reporting

Manual data processes kill organizational agility, greatly reducing the time your finance team can invest in generating business insights to help you get ahead of the competition.

Jet Reports allows you to easily present monthly operational reports in the format needed, and you can use Jet formulas to pull your data straight from the ERP. Jet Reports enables you to refresh reports at any time, and it’s easy to drill down to the individual transactions when more detail is needed.

Have A Single Version of the Truth

Gathering and formatting data from multiple sources costs precious time and resources that can be better spent on value-add activities.

Your on-prem or cloud-hosted Jet Analytics implementation enables you to pull data from different systems, transform them as needed, and build a data warehouse and cubes or data models. Supported by automated data processes, business users can access the information they need without having to understand the complexities of the underlying database structure.

Businesses can automate the processes to transform and combine legacy data together with current data from multiple sources, in one consolidated reporting and analytics platform. The point-and-click data warehouse automation allows for BI customization that’s five times faster than manual coding.

Maximize Your Reporting Capabilities with Jet

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Enjoy Increased Data Accuracy

With no need to manually pull data from multiple sources and copy/paste it into a spreadsheet, the chances of data inaccuracies creeping in become significantly smaller.

Jet Data Manager, a part of the Jet Analytics solution, can handle the extraction of the data from different systems and transform the data into a usable reporting format. For example, if you are reporting across multiple companies, Jet Data Manager can easily convert all the detailed transactions into a single reporting currency.

Reduce Your Dependence on IT

More than 65% of finance teams feel overly dependent on help from IT to produce reports. That overreliance translates to longer turnaround times for your finance team and heavier workloads for your IT team.

Working from a data set prepared according to a predetermined set of business roles, Jet Reports enables you to write your own reports using intuitive drag and drop tools. You can refresh those reports as needed without waiting for input from IT, even if you are reporting across multiple companies.

Address Multiple Needs Along Finance’s Digital Transformation Journey

Jet Reports is live on insightsoftware’s Cloud platform, where you can get more done by combining the power of numerous insightsoftware applications in one place. Address your business needs faster and with less risk by picking and choosing the capabilities you need across reporting, budgeting and planning, and controllership.

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