Santa Checks Twice, But You Don’t Have To…

We know the song well: “He’s making a list / Checking it twice / Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice / Santa Claus is coming to town.”

Can you imagine what Santa Claus’ shop must look like when he’s going through that list? Pages and pages and pages of every single child in the world, not only marking once for naughty and nice, but then checking through it all again. Even if he’s gotten more advanced with the times by keeping an electronic database, it’s still a long slog through that list. Twice. He has to be magical to accomplish all that before Christmas Eve!

Perhaps that’s how you’re feeling as the year is rolling to a close and you’re working on final year-end financial reports and checking them twice. Sometimes three or four—or twelve—times! You don’t even have any North Pole magic to help you out.

But what if it was possible to reduce the number of times you had to check your reporting? What if you didn’t even have to check it twice?

Leave the Checking to Santa

Without any North Pole magic, how indeed could it be possible to assemble your reports without multiple rounds of data checks?

First, you’ll need a direct link to your ERP and any other data sources that will pull real-time data into a program we all know and love: Excel. This allows you to create the exact reports you need. (Without the help of your IT elves, no less!) Not only that, this direct link bypasses the need for multiple data downloads, additional overhead, and manual data manipulation. The true magic of this process happens next: Reports are now automated to pull the latest data when they are opened, or with the single click of a refresh button. Refresh your data instantly to reflect this month’s most up-to-date numbers, or change the parameters to a different month, quarter, or year to immediately return those results instead.

You can make this your reality with Spreadsheet Server (for SAP®, Oracle®, JD Edwards®, and many more) and Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics. Not only do these reporting platforms automate all of your reporting and distribution, but they also mirror the security set in your ERP, ensuring that data insight is limited to only those who truly should have access to it.

It may not be North Pole magic, but if you ask us, it’s still pretty magical.

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen…

We can’t help but wonder how things might change at the North Pole if Santa had access to Spreadsheet Server and Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics to help out with his reporting. If that jolly old man saved upward of 300 hours a year on all his list-checking, he might even be able to take Mrs. Claus for a nice vacation somewhere a little less snowy. He could free up elf labor by at least 25 percent, leaving more time for the fun work, such as making toys and storytelling.

But even if Santa still checks off an old pen-and-paper list, we hope you will celebrate this holiday season with automated reporting, increased accuracy, and better insight into your data because of it.

As for us, we’re planning to leave a demo of Spreadsheet Server and Atlas for Santa next to his milk and cookies.

Happy Holidays from insightsoftware!