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Excel Quick Tips

Excel Quick Tips: Pinning

Welcome back to Excel Quick Tips from Jet Reports. For the second installment in our video series, we’ll be talking about Pinning. Pinning is a…

Data Discovery And The New New Thing

Data Discovery and the New New Thing

White Paper: Data Discovery and the New New Thing Data Discovery vs. Business Intelligence Both Data Discovery and BI tools enable business users to make better…

Excel Quick Tips

Excel Quick Tips: PivotTables

Welcome to Jet Reports new video series, Excel Quick Tips! In this series, we'll share short tips about Excel. Today's tip is all about PivotTables.…

Implementing Bi

Implementing Business Intelligence

Implementing a Business Intelligence environment against data you don’t trust? Sounds counter-intuitive, some would say: ‘just plain wrong.’ How could you possibly build a Data…

Build Bi Faster

Build BI Faster, Cheaper and Better

A New White Paper From Jet Reports A survey by IDC and DM Review Magazine gives us these haunting statistics: 17 months is the average…

All Things Data

All Things Data with Jet Reports

The IDC reports that it takes 17 months for BI implementation, and 5 months to get the first report. In the second video of our…