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How to Schedule Reports in Logi Report

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After completing  a compelling, detailed operational report, either banded or pixel perfect (or both!), you’ll want to schedule distribution of your updated report. How can you automatically and efficiently schedule delivery with Logi Report? You might have a VP of Customer Support requesting the latest problem report on her desk promptly every morning. Or it may be time to distribute the quarterly sales report to the sales force. This requires a full featured interface that easily enables the scheduling and distribution functions. With Logi Report, software teams can schedule reports to automatically run on daily, weekly, monthly or custom event schedules.Let’s take a look at how our embedded reporting product, Logi Report, can automatically schedule a report to be delivered on a regular basis. To do that, let’s log in as the end user of our wine distributor embedded application, and open up our wine sales report.This is an example of a typical report that would get scheduled. In this case, it is a quarterly sales report, but if you wanted to see this report more than once a quarter, you could schedule that, as well.
At the top hand side of this toolbar, you have different ways to interact with the report. You can export or print the report. I can also schedule distribution. What you see here is that end users can create their own schedule. So, let’s call this your daily report. You can choose how often you want this report to go out. Let’s say you want this delivered on a weekly basis on Monday at 9:00 in the morning.You can also choose how you want this report to be published by default. An email is selected, which is what most people think of when scheduling a report for delivery. This report will be sent to the email you enter in this list; however, you could also have the report saved in a versioning system if you want to track how the report changes over time. Or, you can choose to have the report saved via FTP in a folder so that it can be accessed regularly, including a secure password-protected site.For today’s example, we’re going to send this as an email, and we’ll specify who we want to send this to. You can add a subject and comments, then the last two sections that we see here allow you to schedule the actual delivery. You can choose to configure the results.So, this is the body of the email. We’ll leave this as HTML and then we can also choose the report itself for exporting.In what format do you want the report? Do you want to leave it in a PDF? For this style of report, it makes sense. But sometimes you may actually want to export raw data dumps, then that might be in Excel or CSFI, perhaps even HTML. Or it may be more of a functional Excel workbook that you want to send out on a regular basis.

Automated scheduling of reports is another way Logi Reports goes beyond report creation to a more sophisticated operational report experience.

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