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Limited Functionality That Fails to Meet Reporting Needs

Reporting solutions can lack the features and flexibility to meet the complex requirements of application teams. Logi's no-code design environment empowers you to easily build and embed custom reports so your users get the functionality they need without having to leave the app.

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Coding Requirements That Hinder Custom Reporting

The need for coding means that customization must be done by developers. Mounting requests for ad hoc custom reports over time continue to tax the development team, eating up their time and increasing costs.

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Slow, Painful Report Distribution Within and Across Organizations

Formatting, speed, and security limitations on the exporting and distribution of key reports prevents stakeholders from utilizing their data to stay informed and equipped to make crucial business decisions.

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Fast, Robust, and Flexible Solution That Empowers Software Teams to Create and Embed Advanced Operational Reports and Analytics Into Their Applications

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No-code, Pixel-perfect Reporting Built for Precision, Performance, and Scale

Control and Customization

Whether your application needs reporting that complies with government regulations, or to meet user expectations, Logi Report allows you to easily create reports and seamlessly embed them into your application.

Balance Flexibility and Precision

Crystal clear reports that comply with regulatory requirements but are easy to generate and customize.

Build Any Report Layout Imaginable

From tables and crosstabs to charts, text, images, and lines; you have the ability to customize every single object. With banded reports, you can create reusable template layouts, while smart pagination allows you to optimize formatting.

No-Code Design

Improve outdated reporting without taxing your development team with an intuitive and feature-rich interface that provides the ability to design and preview reports in a no-code drag and drop environment.

Dynamic Distribution at Scale

Bursting allows you to distribute thousands of reports to users of multi-tenant deployments in seconds and clustering allows you to maintain high availability and load-balancing. You can even easily schedule reports to automatically run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Pixel-Perfect Formatting

Pixel-perfect formatting gives you complete control over the properties of every report object, so you can precisely position and control each object.

  • Design highly precise and formatted reports with demanding designs requiring pixel-perfect level accuracy while meeting strict requirements (including regulatory) for look, feel, and format.
  • Provide total control over the properties of every report object (including tables, crosstabs, charts, text, images, and lines) so you can precisely customize, place, and control each object.
  • Exactly replicate forms like invoices, purchase orders, and official government documents in either PDF or printed forms by precisely positioning and mapping fields with specific form grids and layout elements.
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Banded Layouts

Banded reporting and smart pagination allow you to build any imaginable report layouts that can effortlessly scale with your data, while preserving your report design and structure.

  • Match commercial and corporate application guidelines by enjoying precise control over every section of a report, including titles, headers, footers, and body content.
  • Provide structure for both aggregated and detailed data in repeating sections – called bands – which can be nested for even greater flexibility and repeated within a page or across pages.
  • Quickly laid out banded objects give you design control of the report structure that commands the exact positioning of headers, footers, aggregations, detailed data, images, objects and sub-reports (literally a report inside a report).
  • Smart pagination breaks content across pages, such as between a chart and table and between table groups horizontally and vertically, enabling you to accommodate any layout needs and tune paginated reports for exporting to PDF, Excel, or print.
Logi Report Feature 2 Adaptive Security

Your Look and Feel

No-code design environment empowers you to easily build custom reports for seamless embedding into the existing look and feel of your application.

  • Intuitive and feature-rich interface provides the flexibility to design and preview sophisticated reports in a no-code and drag-and-drop environment that can be configured to match your working style.
  • From colors and graphics to entire styling themes, you can design, customize, and embed reports seamlessly into your application to match the exact look and feel of your brand.
  • Configure the end user reporting experience by easily adjusting and differentiating functionality across different embedded reports.
  • One-click modifications make report design and changes hassle-free, empowering you to quickly identify and edit report objects and their properties individually or as a group.
  • Reusable resources for reports expedite the design process, empowering you to share and edit commonly used objects, build reusable components, and create and maintain pre-defined templates.
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Scalable Distribution for Any Workload

Large-scale and dynamic report distribution delivers high performance and multi-tenant security with clustering, bursting, and scheduling to millions of end users.

  • In a matter of seconds, you can format and securely distribute reports that have thousands of pages customized for each recipient in formats including PDF, HTML, Excel, and CSV.
  • Admins or end-users can schedule reports to automatically run on daily, weekly, monthly, or custom event schedules.
  • Report bursting enables a single report to be run only once for multiple recipients, while still distributing only the data each recipient is allowed to see with minimal maintenance effort.
  • High-performance engine can easily scale from single-CPU to multi-CPU and clustered server environments to handle any workload demand.
  • Clustering software ensures high availability, load balancing, automatic resource, and report sharing.
  • Work with 3rd party security schemes, for example multi-tenant authentication and standard single sign-on, allowing you to use the security system you have in place with your existing application.
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Esgreporting Infographic Hero

Beyond the Basics: 6 Best Practices for your Operational Reporting Workflow

The Do’s and Don’ts of Embedding Operational Reports for Real-Time, Custom Reporting

Today’s decision makers can’t rely on basic, static reporting to communicate the dynamic performance of their business and operations.

Work with the #1 Embedded Operational Reporting Platform for Software Teams.

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Now we can just run a report in Logi Symphony and we don’t have to monitor or manage it. This allows our team more opportunities to actually focus on a primary business objective of analyzing claims data.

Citycounty Insurance Services Squarelogo 1524733565420 Trent McGath Risk Information Manager at Citycounty Insurance Services View Customer Story

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