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Citycounty Insurance Services leverages Logi Symphony to empower all of its users, regardless of their roles or skills, to analyze claims data and gain insights.

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Citycounty Insurance Services (CIS) is a governmental organization that provides property, general and auto liability, workers’ compensation, and employee benefits coverage and risk management services tailored to the unique needs of their Oregon city and county members.

The Challenge

Insurance claims, risk management and underwriting activities generate a lot of data, all of which needs to be analyzed and reported on regularly. CIS was finding their previous data-reporting tool cumbersome and knew it was time to replace it with a flexible, adaptable system – something that was intuitive and easy to use, and didn’t require users to have special training to do what they wanted. This tool needed to suit a range of users, regardless of technical expertise and knowledge.

What’s more, CIS needed capabilities above and beyond what basic solutions like Crystal Reports and Excel could offer – for example, automation of monthly and quarterly reports.

CIS Risk Information Manager Trent McGath stated, “We wanted a flexible, adaptable system we could use to both push pre-configured reports out to the website, as well as give our customers the ability to dig into the data in a way they couldn’t before. We needed to take our reporting capabilities into the 21st century.”

The Solution

CIS chose Logi Symphony because it was both cost-effective and satisfied their requirement for a solution anyone in their organization could use. They implemented internal and external applications of the solution and began using it successfully from day one with only minimal training.

Today, the organization’s local government members, who do not necessarily have expertise in data analytics, can easily access Info to retrieve and interact with monthly claims reports. Logi Symphony assists CIS staff in building their own dashboards and reports directly within the organization’s underwriting and claims systems. What’s more, CIS trustees utilize Info-developed reports to view high-level dashboards regarding benefits programs. CIS is also using Logi Symphony to develop a benefits data warehouse as a cost-effective alternative to purchased vendor warehousing.

CIS analysts are also able complete ad hoc analysis and interact with the data extensively.

McGath described the experience of using Info as seamless, noting users don’t see a difference between the organization’s features and Logi Symphony’s tools – “It really looks like our own claims application, which has helped with adoption. They don’t realize they are using an analytics application, it’s just part of their workflow.”

“Being able to change the CSS and the look and feel was something we didn’t really investigate when choosing a vendor, but have absolutely come to believe is essential,” he added. “And Logi Symphony does it quite well.”

The Results

Like many Logi Symphony customers, CIS experienced firsthand the value Logi Symphony can provide to any user, whether technical or non-technical and internal or external. Logi Symphony has successfully fulfilled their need for a solution that appeals to a wide range of people with different needs and skill levels.

These include CIS members who have little technical knowledge but want to view claims reports and minimally interact with data; claims adjusters who have technical expertise and want to create their own reports from the data; and power users who want to do their own ad hoc reporting and ask new questions of the data. Logi Symphony successfully serves all of these users for CIS.

Time savings
Info’s ad hoc and automated reporting capabilities have been a real time saver for CIS. Rather than doing one-off reports, the organization now builds capabilities for repeat report requests directly into Info and makes these reports freely available to users.

“Now we can just run a report in Logi Symphony and we don’t have to monitor or manage it,” McGath stated. “This allows our team more opportunities to actually focus on a primary business objective of analyzing claims data.”

Ease of access
According to McGath, this is the first time many CIS staff and members have had direct access to claims information, and “they love being able to slice and dice analysis grids.”

“In the world we live in, people want access to information and they want it easily. The more they can get their hands dirty and really dig deep, they love it.”

Based on the success of their experience with Info, CIS is expanding its use of Logi Symphony products to the Self-Service Reporting Module (SSRM). They want to build out dashboards, benchmarking, and high-level graphics for specific areas of their business (i.e., employment claims).

McGath concluded, “Logi Symphony is going to be our one-stop shop for everything.”

Now we can just run a report in Logi Symphony and we don’t have to monitor or manage it. This allows our team more opportunities to actually focus on a primary business objective of analyzing claims data.

Trent McGath Risk Information Manager

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