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Make Your Cloud ERP Migration a Breeze with insightsoftware

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So, you’ve decided to move from an on-premises ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 BC). That’s great news! Believe it or not, the hardest part of your cloud migration is now complete.

For many businesses, there’s a belief that the process of implementing a new ERP system is the most challenging part of the process, but it’s really the process of choosing your new ERP. Choosing the right cloud ERP requires significant research and vetting. The task of weeding through all the cloud ERP solutions available to you is a daunting one, and you may choose to work with a technology enablement partner. These partners help you weed out ERPs that are a poor fit so that you don’t waste time on solutions that aren’t serious contenders.

Once you have your shortlist of potential ERP solutions, you need to evaluate them based on your organization’s needs. Cost, operational capabilities, data security, and ongoing support are all factors to consider while choosing which cloud-based ERP is best for your business. Even with the help of a technology enablement partner, the process of choosing your new ERP can take months.

Now that you have chosen D365 BC, isn’t it a relief to be done with the process? Now, all that’s left is the follow-through!

How insightsoftware Helps you Migrate with Ease

We here at insightsoftware understand that the follow-through can still seem like a huge task. Installing new technology, migrating legacy data, and training employees – even with a technology enablement partner’s help – are challenges that can take valuable time away from revenue-generating activity. It’s inevitable that large-scale, organization-wide changes, like ERP migration, will initially reduce productivity. But with the right tools in place there are ways to ease the transition and mitigate the negative impact.

Boasting cloud-based reporting and analytics, insightsoftware’s Jet solutions significantly lessen productivity disruption for finance teams during ERP cloud migration. Jet Reports and Jet Analytics are specifically built to work with Dynamics Business Central, with its predecessor Dynamics NAV, and with other products within the Microsoft Dynamics family. Jet Reports and Jet Analytics offer seamless integration to the ERP system and eliminate many of the common technical challenges associated with cloud migration.

Transitioning to the Cloud Made Easy with Jet

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Streamline Data Migration

With Jet Analytics, your finance team can smoothly migrate from on-prem to the cloud, ensuring minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. This comprehensive business intelligence and data warehousing solution empowers finance teams with intuitive, familiar tools that streamline the incorporation of data from your legacy systems and D365 BC.

By housing your data within a data warehouse, Jet effectively eliminates the need to validate and migrate your legacy data into D365 BC, while still giving you the flexibility to draw accurate data from multiple locations. With its connection to both current and legacy systems, Jet Analytics minimizes errors resulting from manual data transfers, maintains the accuracy of your financial insights, and smooths your cloud transition.

Resolve Data Complexity

Dynamics data is notoriously complex. Users often have difficulty accessing the data they need for reporting due to the complex data structures in the ERP, leading to inefficiency and frustration. Migrating from on-prem to cloud only heightens that frustration.

Jet Reports resolves your data complexity frustrations. It automates the process of finding and accessing the data you need for reporting, empowering users to get the data they need and create their own reports, without technical skills or IT intervention. Legacy reports can also be ported directly to D365 BC, eliminating the frustration and effort of bringing them over. Jet streamlines your reporting and keeps the wheels spinning during migration, so you don’t have to miss a beat when it comes time for month-end close.

Support Your Cloud-First Strategy

It doesn’t make sense to move to a cloud-based ERP and not move your financial and operational reporting to the cloud as well. insightsoftware gets that and is committed to providing cloud-based technologies that help organizations like yours prioritize cloud-first operations. That’s why we provide cloud-based deployment options for our Jet products, including Jet Analytics Cloud and Jet Hub Locally Hosted. Jet Hub delivers a comprehensive report management system with sharing, version control, report permissions, and extensive search capabilities.

Easily accessible from any mobile device with a web browser, Jet Hub Locally Hosted is designed to improve the transparency of your data and help you make faster, smarter decisions. You can easily review, share, publish, and refresh reports, dashboards, and budgets anywhere at any time.

Choosing to move to D365 BC was a big step toward your cloud-first business future. insightsoftware can help make the migration easy. Jet Reports, Jet Analytics, and Jet Hub make transitioning to the cloud easier with streamlined reporting, time savings, and a cloud-based single location to access all your mission-critical data. Download our Jet Solutions brochure to learn more.

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