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Insightsoftware Named Top AI-Powered Business Intelligence Provider

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insightsoftware is a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, empowering organizations to unlock business data and transform the way finance and data teams operate.

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The results are in – Logi Symphony by insightsoftware has been named as a top business intelligence (BI) solution in Info-Tech’s latest Data Quadrant Report. The report names the top seven BI providers for midmarket and enterprise businesses. This year, Info-Tech has turned its focus to BI solutions that implement artificial intelligence (AI) to drive informed decision-making. The report includes data from 4,241 end-user reviews to find the top BI software providers of 2024.

The Impact of AI on Business Intelligence

In recent years, developers have turned to AI to provide a clear vision of the future. According to insightsoftware and Hanover Research’s recent Embedded Analytics Insights Report, AI and predictive analytics were rated among the most important trends of the next five years.

When applied with embedded analytics functionality, AI can provide real-time insights, automate data processing tasks, and offer predictive capabilities. AI-powered workflows increase efficiency while enhancing decision-making and providing a more personalized user experience.

With the proliferation of AI, it’s no longer just a luxury add-on, but an expectation for customers and internal stakeholders. Logi Symphony comes with AI-powered business intelligence built-in, earning its spot in the Info-Tech report with an 8.8 score for its breadth of features.

“We’re honored to be named as gold medalists in business intelligence and analytics for enterprise and midmarket in Info-Tech’s Data Quadrant Report,” said Jay Allardyce, General Manager, Data and Analytics, insightsoftware. “At insightsoftware, we’re constantly looking at how we can drive outcome value for our customers. AI is just an enabler and what’s critical is to ensure that we align the predictive or generative impact to how businesses run—not simply a chatbot that is void of context. What customers look for are enterprise-specific AI models that are secure, trained on their data, and one that provides actionable insight vs. science projects that need continual refinement. Enterprises have built tacit domain knowledge over the years. AI needs to build upon these investments, not become a generalized assistant that creates more open-ended questions.”

“Business intelligence is critical for giving organizations greater visibility into their data, allowing decision-makers to make more informed and confident action,” Allardyce continued. “With the help of the AI-powered predictive analytics in Logi Symphony, our customers gain a sharper lens into the future while working together with emerging technology to increase confidence in their business strategies.”

Logi Symphony from insightsoftware

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AI-Enriched Business Intelligence

By surveying end-users, Info-Tech’s report will help organizations find the most fitting BI tool for them. As AI technology rapidly evolves, hearing which technologies developers and end users trust is more valuable than ever. The study shows that, as a comprehensive platform that’s custom-tailored to user needs, Logi Symphony provides detailed insights that delight its users.

Offering advanced analysis through AI integration, Logi Symphony provides predictive analytics by augmenting data with built-in, single click formula support for predictive forecasting and clustering. Logi Symphony’s AI-powered analytics delivers measurable scalability and security while helping customers minimize AI-related risks, as well as rich BI with custom dashboards and visualizations users can rely on.

With Logi Symphony, meet any demand regardless of user experience and technical skill with:

  • Modern data discovery and embedded self-service.
  • Managed interactive dashboards and pixel-perfect reporting.
  • Open API and extensibility enable development of a new custom BI experience.

Want to learn more? Find out how Siemens delivers a tailored user experience with Logi Symphony.

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Unlocking the Power of AI in Logi Symphony

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